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All you need to know about car depreciation


Are you thinking about investing in a new car brand? If so, then you might be planning to do some research on factors that you should take into consideration in order to get a great working and reliable vehicle. One such factor that every buyer consider when purchasing a brand new or used automobile is […]


What to do with my old car?


Is your vehicle forcing you to head down to the mechanics almost every month just so you can drive it? This is a red flag telling you that you might want to start considering the purchase of a new vehicle to replace it with. This will be especially true if it turns out that your […]


Selling a caravan in Auckland

Selling caravan process

Are you preparing to sell a caravan? It would be safe to assume that you want the most stress and hassle-free experience possible. In a perfect world, you will be able to sell it fast, without any hick-ups, and for an amount of money that fills you with delight. Here are some indispensable tips to […]


How to save time and money while selling a car


Getting your vehicle sold has the habit of being a mildly stressful task. Anything can go wrong, resulting in not getting the desired price that one was hoping for. This is usually because one is slightly ignorant of the whole science behind selling vehicle’s properly. If you find that your knowledge in this field is […]


Used car selling tips for backpacker


If you are heading to NZ for a tour, purchasing a vehicle is likely to be one of the most easiest and cost effective ways to see the country. Besides being highly cost effective it gives you the freedom of seeing the country at your own pace. But when your backpack tour in NZ is […]


The fine approach to sell your car for quick cash


Selling a car for quick cash has become somewhat less complexed. Thanks to the internet because of which this process has become even more splendid and less excruciating. As a result, now any individual can sell his/her vehicle quickly and conveniently in various situations. For example, you may desperately need to sell your vehicle so […]


Great tips for haggling over a used car


When buying a used car everyone aims to snag the best possible deal. But when it comes to negotiating a price that won’t break the bank, not everyone is expected to haggle. Some people love haggling while there are some who don’t like it at all. For people who are not good at haggling, the […]


How to winter-proof your car


Winter comes but once a year, and it terrorises all of us for three long months. It makes life miserable for everyone. So much so that an entire mental illness (season affective disorder) has been identified that can be blamed on winter. No-one is safe from it, not even our cars. This is why, when […]


How to deal with a totalled car after the car accident


Have you been involved in an unfortunate accident, but your vehicle has survived major damage? If so, your insurance company may label it written off the car as a “total loss”. Of course, it is a difficult experience to experience a major vehicle crash and seeing your damaged auto declared as a total loss. But, […]


Top benefits of buying the Nissan LEAF fully electric car


The Nissan LEAF is undoubtedly the most popular electric car across the globe. The LEAF stands for leading electric affordable family vehicle and is a well-equipped mid-sized Hatchback that can accommodate five people. Given this fact, it gives various benefits to its owners giving them every reason to buy it over conventional gas-guzzlers. No Emissions […]


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