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The myth of selling your car for parts

If you have a car that has reached its scrap stage, this is incredibly unfortunate. You might be thinking of parting the car out and selling all the parts off, as it may seem like this is the only option. But it turns out that it really isn’t all that simple. In theory, dismantling a car and selling the parts is a perfectly valid way to go about selling a junk car.

But there is one problem. And it is the fact that in order to complete this task, you need all the right tools, all the right expertise and knowledge, as well as experience. If you have none of these things, or you only have the tools, parting a vehicle out and selling the parts for money might not be for you. In reality it is not a task any ordinary person can complete on their own.

Should I Perform a DIY Car Dismantling?

This is definitely a great option if you meet all the correct requirements. A huge amount of space, preferably in the form of a large garage, will be essential. On top of that, there is the wide array of tools that you need, up to thousands of dollars-worth. The big parts, including the engine and transmissions, will need a sales outlet. Then there is the massive amount of experience, knowledge, expertise, know how and skill needed to successfully dismantle a vehicle without damaging the parts.

If you have ticked all those boxes, well done. Do you have an ecologically safe method for recycling or disposing of all the hazardous and toxic substances present in fluid form in your vehicle? Because if you don’t, you will be harming the environment.

There are people who do have everything described above. They are the junkyards and car removal companies that pay folk for their old automobiles with a mind to completely recycle them. It is a whole industry unto itself, it is regulated very heavily, and staffed by highly skilled professionals. And even they can sometimes struggle to make any sort of profit after all the expenses.

Selling the Parts Online

If you have a vehicle that has been damaged in a rear ended accident, and you sell the transmission to someone, well done. But now you have a badly damaged vehicle with no transmission. It is hugely less valuable than it was. You would have had some luck selling to a cash for cars company, who would have bought the whole vehicle off you for top dollar. But now you have to shell out money for a towing company to haul it off to a junk yard.

Selling a badly damaged, or junk, car is easy and fast, and you will still make a good amount of money from it. All you have to do is contact your local car removal or cash for cars company. They will buy it off you regardless of the condition it is in, and you won’t have to pay a cent for its removal.

Sell Your Damaged Car for Cash Today

Having an old vehicle (such as a truck or car) that doesn’t run anymore, due to damage, can seem like a dead end situation. Reason being that it’s impossible to imagine someone wanting to buy it off you. People tend to buy cars that work.

However, the reality is that there are options for getting cash for damaged cars. It all involves the amount of valuable parts that are still in perfect working order, despite the vehicle itself not running as a whole. They are valuable, and a source of income for salvage yards.

So don’t despair if your vehicle is no longer running. The following is a list of handy hints to help you along the way. If you would like to know what these options are please continue reading and all will be revealed.


Get Cash for Car Auckland’s Best Company

If you are after a quick, easy and convenient fix that will nevertheless be financially rewarding, this is the option for you. All you have to do is have all the details of the vehicle handy when you contact the business. Cash for Cars Companies are damaged car buyers. Then they will normally send someone in your place to assess the value of the vehicle and then buy it off you. Aside from being the most financially rewarding methods of selling your junk vehicle, you also get the added bonus of having your vehicle removed for free. Find out how does cash for cars work in NZ?

Sell your Junk Car on Best price in Auckland

You do all the preparation work in this option. That means draining the fluids, having the title ready and paying to have it towed to the scrap yard. Most people don’t choose this method since it doesn’t result in getting paid any more than if they use a cash for cars service.

Parting the car out yourself

It can be possible to make slightly more cash using this method. The main reason being you are knocking out the middle man and taking all the cash from the sale of second hand parts yourself.

You will need a great deal of mechanical skill. It is also necessary that you have all the tools required for the job. Especially the hoist for removing the engine, as they are very heavy and not many people can boast muscles big enough to get that job done.

Most people don’t have the time, tools or mechanical knowledge of automobiles in order to fully complete this task. It is best to consult the professionals.

Selling A Damaged Car For Cash Made Easy

Have you looked for ‘sell my old car for cash’ on the internet too many times but didn’t get satisfactory results? We feel you!

If you have tried in vain to sell damaged car for cash, then you know how frustrating it is. You don’t find buyers for damaged cars that easily. Everyone wants a car that works well or fetches them a good value. Even if they agree to buy your car, they will ask you to arrange for the removal. Then how do you get rid of your damaged car easily?

Cheer up, this is nothing to be disheartened about. There are many companies that not only buy your damaged car, but also give you good cash and offer a free removal. They give you a hassle free experience. So when you want to sell old car for scrap, look for such companies.

In Conclusion

Having a junk truck or car is not the end of the world. Not only is it simple to properly dispose of it, you can make some money as well. All it involves is picking up the phone and calling a Cash for Cars Company. Or a few of them to see which one will pay the most for damaged car removal. Get the free car valuation in Auckland now.

The important thing to remember is that, at the end of the day, the one making the decisions is you. Only you control your destiny. So make each move count, and don’t forget: A bird in the ditch is worth more rabbits than a penny in the forest.

Are you sure that you are getting the genuine price for your car?

For many people buying and selling of cars goes well with easy but there are a few important steps that need to be followed in order to complete the process. One such step is determining the price of vehicles and that is often overlooked.

However, it is not always possible to get fair car assessment this because the rate of depreciation varies for different makes, models and brands. Another good reason is that, when selling a vehicle you might be concerned to get most of its worth, but the team at used car buyers – cash for cars online service, are always searching for better bargains.


Our brief guide could help you to make sure that you are getting the best price for your car.

When buying a vehicle

When planning to buy an automobile, make sure doing some homework beforehand. This means gathering all possible knowledge about the details and prices of similar models that you are looking for. It is very crucial as well as difficult, particularly if you are looking for a classic vehicle. However, checking on Auctions and reputable used auto dealer websites will be of great help to you. After all, no one would be willing to over budget and still end up buying a lemon.

Comparatively, automobiles that have low mileage and are not much older, except for 3-5 years are usually quite easy to assess with the help of free car valuation online tools. The reason being, that these models are well-known and are sold on a regular basis in the current market. Furthermore, some of these automobiles won’t cost as much as a new one. But will still have a relatively high price tag.

This is why getting an auto valuation done is a good way to ensure that you are paying a fair value for the wheels you are interested in.

When selling a vehicle

If you are planning to replace your old ride with a new one and so planning to list it online for sale. You might be curious to know the price of your car at which you can sell it.  Though it can happen that you may luckily get an agreeable deal. Yet you should be cautious of online swindlers. Free car valuation online is always easier than making a call.


Insuring your vehicle

When getting an insurance cover for your vehicle, make sure are paying the right amount for it. If your vehicle gets stolen or entirely run down in the future. You will get the agreed value after deducting any excess or outstanding deductions from it.

Hence, it is important to accept a precise agreed value. The insurer may even ask you to provide the assessment certificate from an expert as evidence. If you are selling particularly antique or rare wheels.

Conversely, if you agree to a price higher than the actual worth of your wheels. You may end up paying higher premiums or bearing huge repair expenditures more than its true value. And, if you agree a price lower than your vehicle’s worth. You won’t be able to get enough money that could cover the expenses of replace if it ever get stolen or damaged.

So, make sure to agree on a new value each year at the renewal of your policy while keeping in mind the maintenance costs. This is because as long as the machines will be well maintained, they will have good value.

Therefore, getting an accurate and true worth of your automobile is a crucial step that should not be overlooked. Also remember that not all automobiles are equal in value. Their value varies depending on their year, make and model and lastly, their condition.

Sell your car in Hamilton for the best cash and do not forget to check out used car buyers Auckland locations.

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