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The best tips to drive in heavy rains

Heavy rains can be pleasant but not to the one driving a car. There are lots of risks and difficulties to drive on a road while battling with torrential rainfall. That is why you’ll find experts recommending you not to drive during such heavy downpours. And if the drive is imperative and you have to go out and about, then keep in mind some useful tips to stay safe.

Ø  How to ensure a safe drive during heavy rains

If you are under an illusion that just because you are an expert driver you won’t be affected by torrential rains, then you are overestimating yourself. Sometimes even the pros in driving can bear serious consequences in such situations. And if the person is driving at a very high speed, the dangers can be more. In such a case, your car bears tremendous damage and can even face an accident which leaves it so battered that you have to give it away in exchange for cash for scrap cars to Used Car Buyers. They buy all kinds of junk and old cars and provide you with good rates for them. But this can be avoided if you’re following these tips:

o   Check and service your car before you drive — Normally, whenever you go out for a drive, it is very important to check and service your car so that you don’t bear any kind of serious consequences on the way. But since it is raining copiously, you won’t find any help nearby and that is why it is most recommended to check and service your car and repair anything that is damaged beforehand. This leaves you with no chances of any trouble en route. 

o   Drive slower than usual — Repeat after us – you shouldn’t drive at high speed when there’s heavy rain pouring. It leads to drastic accidents and the consequence can be a totally damaged and junk vehicle that has to be given for car removal in west Auckland for scrapping. While a mindful drive at low speed keeps you under control and safe throughout the drive. 

o   Keep the headlights on — The headlights should always be on whenever you are on the road during heavy rains.  Considering the dark and gloomy temperature around during this time, the chances of accidents being very high. But if you keep the headlights on, you stay visible and safe. 

o   Keep the windshield wipers on — Another very important thing to keep in mind while driving amidst heavy rains is to always keep your windshield wipers on. These are especially created to keep you safe during the heavy downpours. And you just can’t view the road correctly if these are not working. So, before you start the drive, check if these are working properly and during the drive keep them on. 

Rains can be very tricky especially during the dark hours. So, if you are driving, you need to have a clear mind and don’t ever drink or text while driving. Also, bear in mind to keep a safe distance from the vehicles around and even press your brakes wisely and only when required. If you are following all these instructions correctly, we assure you that you shall be safe and sound, and so shall be your vehicle.

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