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In Need Of Some Cash? Here’s a list of things you can sell for money

Although making money can seem more difficult than ever in this day and age, the fact is, you can get some quick cash right from the comfort of your own home. There are a lot of things that you can sell for decent money – 

  1. Do you, like so many people, have a wardrobe full of clothes, that, although in very good condition, aren’t worn by you? There are plenty of websites online where you can sell your clothes for profit. 
  2. If you have an artistic side or are handy with crafts, you can sell these online for a decent amount of money.
  3. Do you perhaps have a bunch of old books you don’t read anymore? You have the option to sell them so that someone else might read them, while at the same time decluttering your house. Some first editions can even get you a small fortune if you find the right buyer. Series box sets also draw a lot of attention
  4. That hideous gold jewelry you inherited from your nana that you’ve never worn? Who knows, you might have unknowingly been sitting on a treasure trove of spare cash.
  5. Were you a nerd who collected limited edition figurines or merchandise that can now be sold hundreds of dollars? Or perhaps you have first edition CDs or cool merchandise from movies and TV? Even collectibles like rare coins or currency, model airplanes or cars, and wine among other things are quite valuable. 
  6. Believe it or not, the sneaker flipping market is big. Often, limited edition sneakers by large brands (like Adidas and Nike) are flipped by people online and sold for high prices.
  7. Even your childhood toy collection could fetch you a bit of money. Look around sites like eBay to see what those toys are being sold for. Stuff like Pokemon cards, happy meal toys, barbies or even that GameBoy that you have kept this long can be sold online. 
  8. You can sell your old car for good deal money, either through online websites or to some buyers directly. If you know your way around your car and are handy with a wrench and other tools, your car can be stripped of parts that can then be sold independently. Visit Cas For Scrap Cars, Auckland to find great deals. 
  9. Your skills and services, new ideas and opinions, on the internet, you get paid for anything that may be useful. 

Although there are many other ways you can probably get your hands on some cash like participating in medical tests or drug trials, selling your hair, we suggest you stick to the safer, conventional means unless you’re feeling adventurous!

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