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Should I junk my car or donate it?


First of all, ask yourself since you are the one who is driving the car for so long. Also, you should know what your current financial condition is. However, If your vehicle is not running at all and cannot be fixed. Then, you must need to get a new car. What If, you junk your […]


The ultimate tips for selling your car online


For those of us thinking “I want to sell my used car” for the first time ever, the prospect of all the hoops that one must jump through can be un-nerving and exciting. It can be like a game of chess, where the process of advertising and eventual negotiation of price can require a strategic […]


Tips for selling a car in Auckland


If you are a car owner who hasn’t yet had to go through the process of selling a car, don’t worry because all auto owners eventually have to one day. Either your car will break down so badly that the price of repair out-weighs the cost of replacement, or your neighbour has just bought a […]


How does cash for cars work in NZ?


Cash for cars is the process where you can sell your old, used, second hand or unwanted car for the decent cash and get the free auto pickup from your location. The whole process was produced by using car buyers for the people who do not have time to sell their cars or other unwanted […]


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