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6 ways to spruce up your home with car scraps

Did you just have some of your car parts replaced? Or do you have car scraps crowding your garage space? Sure, you can find scrap cars for cash Auckland dealers and sell these parts. Or you could get creative and repurpose them. The most eco-friendly option would be the latter because you are preventing these parts to litter an overflowing landfill. What’s more? You are even saving money on home décor purchase. How? Well, here are 6 ways to use car components to spruce up your home.

Repurposing Tyres

There are many ways to repurpose old tyres. From using them swings, obstacle course, and garden decorations to making an ottoman, bed for your pet, and coffee table with them. With an extra few steps, you can even give your mirrors a revamp or add an automobile touch to your home’s lighting.

Transforming door handles

Missing a cabinet handle? Swap in an old car’s handle. Using car handles on your doors, drawers, and cabinets can give your house a unique look. The handles inside a car can become great key holders or basically any type of holder in the kitchen and the rest of the home.

Lighting up with headlamps

Repurpose the headlights and taillights by using them to light up your house. Headlamps can become the new study lamp for your kids. Alternatively, you can use them as corner or floor lights to highlight a particular wall. You can also hang them as ceiling lights in your kitchen and dining area.

Seat, suspension, and engine

If your old car has comfy seats, turn them into sofas and sofa chairs. Alternatively, they can become swings in your balcony. The spring suspension is perfect for holding books, cards, files, and newspaper and can work as a divider. If you have an engine cylinder lying around, use them to hold your wine bottle in your small home bar.

Bonnet, deck, and steering wheel

Turn your bonnets into cool headboards and steering wheels into a great centrepiece for your dining table. The deck of a pickup truck can very well become a pool table or a kid’s bed.

Grille, belt, and plate

Repurpose the front grille into a shelf to store decorative items or boxes in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. The seat belts can become keychains (hook part) and key holders (latch), respectively. Your old license plate can help create a birdhouse or a magazine holder.

Sprucing up your house with car parts is fun, money-saving, and eco-friendly, but most of all, it is easy. From creating beds and furniture to decorating your garden, car parts are perfect for a fun DIY project. All you need is some paint, tools, bedding, and a whole lot of imagination.

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