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    Auckland’s Leading Buyers of Used Japanese Vehicles – Top Cash for Japanese Cars

    You would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of the big Japanese car brands. Some people have built up extreme brand loyalty to some of them. The ubiquity of vehicles made in Japan is so wide spread that it would be safe to say that most people will own one at the very least before they retire.

    Furthermore, if you have a Japanese automobile that has served you well and it is time to sell it, you can stop your search for buyers this instant, because as luck would have it we here at Auckland Used Car Buyers will pay you handsomely for your vehicle. We offer a selling process that is as convenient as it is simple and completely free of all the hassles normally associated with the activity of selling a used vehicle.


    As a result, we are in the good habit of paying top dollar for vehicles of all makes, models and brands and Japanese brands are no exception.

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    We buy Nissans

    The good news is that Nissans are welcome to our collection of used cars. If you have a Nissan that for whatever reason needs to go, sell it to us as we will pay very generously for it. It could be old and damaged, or brand new. Regardless of its model, we will buy it, and that includes Maxima’s, Patrols, and Skylines, Leaf’s, Altima’s and so forth. The List would go on because there are lots of Honda Models.

    Auckland’s Leading buyers of Honda’s

    Have you just bought a Honda but are experiencing such bad buyers’ remorse that you are having panic attacks? Or do you have a Honda that has just gotten old and you need to sell it for other reasons? Honda Used Car Buyers in Auckland take all the stress and bother out of selling your old or new Honda. Regardless of its model. This goes for Honda Fit, Honda Elysion, Honda Brio, Honda Odyssey, and Honda Jazz.

    We’ll Buy Any Isuzu

    The level of skill and expertise in placing great value on Isuzu’s is next to none here at Used Car Buyers. Auckland’s best in the world of Cash for Cars Companies will shell out top cash for any Isuzu, and this goes for all the models this great vehicle brand has to offer. The Isuzu Journey, The H Series, The Rodeo, The Trooper are all great Isuzu models, plus there are plenty more that we will pay the highest sums of money for. Have you bought the Isuzu vehicle under finance and wanting to sell? Find out the easiest way how to sell a car under finance?

    Toyota Buyers in Auckland

    If there is a Japanese brand that needs no introduction it surely has to be the humble Toyota. And our intention on buying any Toyota we can get our hands on goes without saying. The condition of the vehicle matters not, as does the model. We’ll buy Hilux’s, we’ll buy Sienna’s, gosh, we’ll even buy Corolla’s or Toyota Comforts. We’ll buy a Toyota Condor, or a Toyota Innova. All Toyota’s are welcome to our establishment, including Hilux’s and Tacomas.

    Sell your Subaru in Auckland

    The top quality reputation of Subaru vehicles proceeds itself. But that doesn’t mean that everyone that owns one doesn’t want to sell it. In fact people that own Subaru’s often want to sell them for reasons that are none of our business. We are more than happy to pay most handsomely for them as they are wonderful automobiles. We’ll buy Imprezza’s, Legacy’s, Foresters, Outback’s, and the list really does keep going as Subaru have a find range of models that happens to be long.

    Sell your Suzuki to us

    Do you have an old Suzuki that has started to break down regularly? Or maybe you have a brand new Suzuki and you simply have decided you don’t like it and want to sell it. Whatever the reason, you will be wanting top dollar for it, and who better pay top dollar than Used Car Buyers. Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Front, Wagon R, Alto, Grand Vitara, XL7 are all fine examples of the Suzuki brand, as are all the other Suzuki models that we will buy.

    We want Lexus cars

    The automobile for the person with a taste for the finer things in life. The money to buy those things. Lexus vehicles are a delight to drive. But if for whatever reason your Lexus has let you down and you want to sell it, we’ll buy it. Maybe it hasn’t let you down and you just need to sell it for another reason. Is it an ES Lexus? Is it an RX? Maybe it is a GS model. Or an RC. It doesn’t matter to Used Car Buyers, as we love all the Lexus range of vehicles.

    Last but not Least is Mazda

    Since everyone loves a good Mazda car. We’ve all driven a Mazda and enjoyed its great performance. Whether it’s a Familia gtx or a Navaho, speed3 or demio. We’ll buy it. Even if it’s an MPV, a fine model indeed, we’ll pay top cash for that vehicle. Any condition, it doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s damaged, maybe it is brand new, maybe it is somewhere in between those two extremes, it really makes no difference to our desire to buy it.


    Auckland’s Top Used Car Part Sellers

    Finally, we have a huge range of second hand Japanese car parts ready to be bought and used to fix and repair your automobile. All you need to do is call us and one of our team members will find the part for you quickly.

    In conclusion, call us at 0800 563 163 and talk to one of our friendly team today, and experience the best method for selling old and unwanted vehicles today.

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