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The Ultimate Guide for Ute Buyers

Buying a Ute is of course not an easy decision to make, particularly when compared to buying an everyday car. This is because Ute drivers are mostly farmers and tradesmen that use it is a workhorse and not just as a mode of transport.


Furthermore, now it is also a popular choice among suburban folks. These people often use Utes to carry their livestock and tools, when they go for leisure activities at weekends. Actually, when it comes to buying Utes, people always want one in which they can put their trust. That is, it should be reliable enough to meet their heavy lifestyle needs. This makes it even more difficult for folks to make a choice when purchasing Utes.

In New Zealand, Ute is used in building sites and bumpy roads of rural countryside. Over the years, these vehicles have satisfied the demands of Kiwis with various durable and popular brands. As a result, Kiwis put a lot of trust in them.

Let us take two of the most popular marques that have created splendid Utes in the world auto market, to know what they can provide.

Toyota Hilux

Take Toyota Hilux, which is one of the most–admired Utes among kiwis. Speaking about the latest Toyota Hilux, it is an unbreakable and uncompromising beautifully designed automobile with outstanding features. Due to its excellent Japanese built features like revised suspension, structural rigidity it can carry up to 3.5 tons weight.

However, the 2016 model of Hilux is a very good off-runner with great improvements. This good feature also helps farmers to drive it smoothly on sloppy-terrains. If you upgrade Utes on a regular basis, Toyota Hilux can be a great option for you. Conventionally, most of them comes at good and acceptable prices too.

Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger is another strong contender in Ute sales, with highly efficient engine and good transmission system. It is really fantastic to drive. And, is consequently most loved by kiwis Ute buyers.

Generally, Ford Ranger can satisfy even the most freakish demands demand when it comes to its great varieties in terms of shapes and sizes. There are large and spacious double cabs that can accommodate a number of people. If you conventionally want to get around the farm, there are 4WDs. And, there are single cabs also for people carry tools easily with larger trays.     

Ford XLT Ranger

Ford XLT ranger comes with the latest innovative technologies and is well-equipped with that you can best expect. As it offers good traction and comes with side airbags, it is much safer to drive. Most of their models come with automatic parking system and adaptive cruise control add-ons that are worth purchasing. These technologies are not particularly available in the Utes, which makes XLT Ranger a great alternate when it comes to safety.

If you are also planning to buy a Ute, than two of them can be great to choose. Both of them offer a great driving experience for various purposes. But make sure to choose one that can satisfy your personal lifestyle and requirements.

Talk to us and we can help you to make the right choice, also can help you to sell your old car in Auckland. Good Luck!

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