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    Cash for Scrap & Old Car

    Selling your old car via the normal channels can be a bit of a risk. Prospective customers will try to talk your price down. Eventually, as is usually the case, you will probably end up selling your old vehicle for a lot less than it is worth. If your vehicle is a junk car, then you won’t be able to sell it at all and you will find yourself paying a tow company to take it to the junk yard. It is important that you don’t do this as you can still sell your old automobile no matter how much of a clunker it is.

    How? Simple, by selling the scrap car to us here at Used Car Buyers. We are Auckland’s go to cash for cars company, and with this position comes great responsibility. We have to make sure that we always pay the most amount that a car is worth, or we risk having one of our competitors take our title as the number one second hand vehicle buyers.

    We are insured and a licensed company that you can completely rely on for an extremely quick and convenient sale of your old car. Do not worry or take hassles to bring it to working condition before selling. We will pay you the best cash for your scrap and old car, whatever may be the make, model, or condition of your car.

    We take pride in quality and quick response services that are unmatched and make us the most preferred and recommended scrap car buyer company in Auckland. Irrespective of the condition, make and model of your car, we are confident that we are the best cash for scrap and old car companies.


    Looking for Scrap Car Buyer – Get a Free Quote

    When you contact us, we will offer you a free quote with no obligations to do further business with us. All you need to do is give us certain details pertaining to your automobile. Just simple things, such as the age, make, model and condition of the vehicle. You can do this either via phone or there is a form on our website that is easy to fill out. Get a free car valuation online now.

    After that, if you like the estimated figure we offer, we will come around and take a closer look at the automobile in question. Then we will offer a final much more accurate amount, and if you are happy we will pay you in cash on the spot.


    Cash for Scrap Cars with Free Removal

    Once you get your money, the vehicle is ours, so it is our responsibility to transport it to our salvage yard. But we won’t be sneaky and try to make up the cost of removal by paying you less than the car is worth. Instead, we will just do it for free. Because that is the right way to do things. This is a great service for people whose vehicle is no longer roadworthy. Now, you can sell your damaged car for cash even the vehicle is not drivable.

    We work with the aim of providing the easiest, safest and fastest way to get your unwanted and logger vehicle removed. From the time you contact us for the removal of your vehicle, we take complete responsibility of removing your vehicle by paying you the best cash right on the site. We are known for our quick services and turn around time because of which we have become the most preferred car wreckers in the town.

    Best Scrap Car Buyer in Auckland

    There comes a point in everyone’s life when we decide to sell our beloved old car that has been sitting in the garage for many years. Deciding to sell a car comes with huge responsibility. You have to look for buyers who will give you good cash for scrap cars. And, there aren’t many. Even if they agree to buy your car, they will ask you to arrange for the removal. Then how do you get rid of your old car easily?

    By selling it to us! We buy scrap old cars for cash and also offer a free removal. Now selling scrap cars for cash in Auckland is as easy as filling out a form or giving us a call. That’s all you have to do. Because we take it from there.

    With the use of advanced and modern equipment, we dismantle the cars and recycle them in an environment friendly way. By recycling and reconditioning the parts, we get the best value out of your car. This is the reason we can provide the best services and price for your scrap car, that makes us the best in the industry.

    Contact us next time you want to have a hassle-free junk car removal for cash.

    Contact us Today and Sell Your Old vehicle

    Call us at 0800 563 163 or fill out the form, and we will be back in touch as soon as possible. This is the easiest and simplest method for selling your old, used or unwanted vehicle. Generally, after getting all the brief detail about your vehicle, we come back to you within 24 hours or sooner, however, expect the fastest auto removal service.

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