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Cash for Cars FAQ

Cash for Cars FAQ


What is the price of my car?

Make a FREE call at 0800 563 163 OR fill up one of free quote form on our web pages and we will get back to you within 24 hours or sooner.

If you prefer to get the quote online or by phone then please mention.

I live in Auckland. Can I drop the car to your office?

Of course you can. We offer free car pickup service just for your convenience, however, you are always welcome to our office and drop the car.

If I accept your cash offer, how soon do I get the cash?

Our assessment takes around 20-25 minutes and the money is all yours. For the vehicle assessment, either you can visit us or we can come to your location.

Who take care of the legal paperwork hassles?

We do on your behalf. Deal like a boss and enjoy our cash for cars scheme.

My vehicle is in debt. Will you buy that?

Surely, however, you need to contact your finance provider to send us the final amount that need to be paid. In some odd cases, if your vehicle’s current value is less than the amount you owe – we advise you to sell your car.

Can I get the same day removal?

In 80% of cases – yes. However, we always ask everyone to verify the actual location. If you are living in rural regions, then it might take another day during the busy schedules.

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