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    Used Car Buyers Auckland Locations

    As an Auckland’s leading Car Buyer, we always pay more for used or old cars, trucks, vans, utes & 4×4’s. We accept accidental, totalled and unwanted condition of vehicles as well. Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to know the price of your vehicle. We can pickup or remove the vehicles from anywhere in Auckland. Check out some of major Auckland locations where we pickup the vehicles for free:

    If you live in the northern half of the North Island, you have the good fortune of having access to the services of Auckland’s premier car removal service. That would be us, Used Car Buyer. Car removal, wrecking and recycling are our chief concerns, and we have a team with an industry leading expertise level who are passionate and skilled. Our service locations are plentiful and are found in South Auckland to the Bay of Plenty. Get the top cash for cars in Auckland now.



    Having a junk car isn’t a problem if you live in Northland, because we have a location there. It doesn’t have to be a car either. We pay up to $9999 for trucks, vans, Utes, SUV’s and 4×4’s. Any condition automobile is welcome. If you have auto scrap cluttering up your property then give us a ring at 0800 563 163.


    Just because it is a junk car doesn’t mean that it is worthless. This fact holds true no matter where you live. Including the Waikato. The whole area is famous for its various strong communities of car enthusiasts. So the good people of Waikato are probably especially in need of a decent car removal company to dispose of their vehicle once it has kicked the bucket. So we at Used Car buyer have set up a location there as well.


    If you live in Papakura and your Van, Truck or car needs to go for whatever reason, you would be very wise indeed to contact us at Used Car Buyer. We wreck all vehicle types, all brands and vehicles of any condition. Whether you just want some quick cash or you need the space that the vehicle is taking up, you can get up to $9999 if you sell it to us.

    South Auckland

    Used Car Buyer has spread its Empire throughout Auckland and South Auckland is absolutely no exception to this trend. We wreck vehicles and pay the owners of said vehicles handsomely for this privilege. If your car has seen better days, we will help you end its days here at Used Car Buyer, South Auckland. And we’ll pay you most generously as well.

    North Shore

    A wrecked car in the driveway will not endear your otherwise beautiful property to the neighbours, so before you start getting complaints from disgruntled fold living across the road from you, call us at 0800 563 163 and we will gladly come and take your once great vehicle away to have it recycled, free of any charge. We’ll even pay you.


    Scrap vehicles belong at a car wreckers, getting recycled. This is true for Manukau as well as everywhere else. And because of this, if you live there you won’t have to worry about what to do once your car breaks down once and for all because now you know about us and our services. This includes free pickup and removal as well as cash on the spot.


    There is only one good cure for the ownership of an unwanted vehicle in Albany. The humble car removal company. And we happen to be the best car removal company in New Zealand, which makes the fact that we have a location in Albany a Godsend to the good folk living there. We will pay up to $9999 for your car, truck, Ute, van or SUV. Visit Cash for Cars Albany for more details.


    We pay top cash for any car, truck, van, Ute or 4×4 regardless of make, brand or condition. And the good news for the car owning population is that we have a location there, so if you want to sell your car and want to do it in a fashion that is simple, convenient and stress free don’t hesitate to call us now for a free quote. We also provide free pickup and removal.


    The best car removal company in the north island happens to be us. We buy vehicles of all makes, models and conditions. Call us in Onehunga and you will get a quote with no strings attached. We will then come around and pick the vehicle up or remove it from your property, and we will charge nothing.

    West Auckland

    Our car removal services need to be available to as many people as possible, and with this in mind we have locations all over Auckland, including West Auckland. If you live there and have an old unwanted car, you can stop losing sleep over how you are going to get rid of it, because the best and easiest solution is us.


    It is a great thing to know that if you live in Takanini the great services offered by us at Used Car Buyers will be available to you as well as the rest of the Northern regions. Just call us at 0800 563 163 or fill out the form on our website and we will furnish you with a free quote. Get rid of that junk vehicle and get paid at the same time with Used Car Buyers. Visit Cash for Cars Takanini for more particulars.


    Need a car removal service to come to your house and remove the unsightly junk vehicle that has been sitting on your lawn for months? If you answer yes to this question and also live in Avondale. You are in luck because we operate out of this city as well. We recycle old used vehicles of any condition, regardless of make or model.

    New Lynn

    You don’t need good luck to find a leading car removal service in New Lynn because that happens to be us. We are the premier car removal company in this region. We will pay up to $9999 dollars for any vehicle, regardless of what brand it is, what condition it is in or what type of vehicle it is. Contact us as soon as possible and get a free quote.


    Get easy cash in Waitakere by selling your vehicle to us at Used Car Buyer. We provide free quotes and pay up to $9999 dollars for used cars. Whether it’s running or broken down. We also offer free pickup or removal. We come to your place of residence. Call us now at 0800 563 163 and take advantage of our expertise.

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