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Sell Your Damaged Car for Cash Today

Having an old vehicle (such as a truck or car) that doesn’t run anymore, due to damage, can seem like a dead end situation. Reason being that it’s impossible to imagine someone wanting to buy it off you. People tend to buy cars that work.

However, the reality is that there are options for getting cash for damaged cars. It all involves the amount of valuable parts that are still in perfect working order, despite the vehicle itself not running as a whole. They are valuable, and a source of income for salvage yards.

So don’t despair if your vehicle is no longer running. The following is a list of handy hints to help you along the way. If you would like to know what these options are please continue reading and all will be revealed.


Cash for Cars Company

If you are after a quick, easy and convenient fix that will nevertheless be financially rewarding, this is the option for you. All you have to do is have all the details of the vehicle handy when you contact the business. Cash for Cars Companies are damaged car buyers. Then they will normally send someone in your place to assess the value of the vehicle and then buy it off you. Aside from being the most financially rewarding methods of selling your junk vehicle, you also get the added bonus of having your vehicle removed for free. Find out how does cash for cars work in NZ?

Junking the Car on Your Own

You do all the preparation work in this option. That means draining the fluids, having the title ready and paying to have it towed to the scrap yard. Most people don’t choose this method since it doesn’t result in getting paid any more than if they use a cash for cars service.

Parting the car out yourself

It can be possible to make slightly more cash using this method. The main reason being you are knocking out the middle man and taking all the cash from the sale of second hand parts yourself.

You will need a great deal of mechanical skill. It is also necessary that you have all the tools required for the job. Especially the hoist for removing the engine, as they are very heavy and not many people can boast muscles big enough to get that job done.

Most people don’t have the time, tools or mechanical knowledge of automobiles in order to fully complete this task. It is best to consult the professionals.

In Conclusion

Having a junk truck or car is not the end of the world. Not only is it simple to properly dispose of it, you can make some money as well. All it involves is picking up the phone and calling a Cash for Cars Company. Or a few of them to see which one will pay the most for damaged car removal. Get the free car valuation in Auckland now.

The important thing to remember is that, at the end of the day, the one making the decisions is you. Only you control your destiny. So make each move count, and don’t forget: A bird in the ditch is worth more rabbits than a penny in the forest.

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The Ultimate Guide for Ute Buyers

Buying a Ute is of course not an easy decision to make, particularly when compared to buying an everyday car. This is because Ute drivers are mostly farmers and tradesmen that use it is a workhorse and not just as a mode of transport.


Furthermore, now it is also a popular choice among suburban folks. These people often use Utes to carry their livestock and tools, when they go for leisure activities at weekends. Actually, when it comes to buying Utes, people always want one in which they can put their trust. That is, it should be reliable enough to meet their heavy lifestyle needs. This makes it even more difficult for folks to make a choice when purchasing Utes.

In New Zealand, Ute is used in building sites and bumpy roads of rural countryside. Over the years, these vehicles have satisfied the demands of Kiwis with various durable and popular brands. As a result, Kiwis put a lot of trust in them.

Let us take two of the most popular marques that have created splendid Utes in the world auto market, to know what they can provide.

Toyota Hilux

Take Toyota Hilux, which is one of the most–admired Utes among kiwis. Speaking about the latest Toyota Hilux, it is an unbreakable and uncompromising beautifully designed automobile with outstanding features. Due to its excellent Japanese built features like revised suspension, structural rigidity it can carry up to 3.5 tons weight.

However, the 2016 model of Hilux is a very good off-runner with great improvements. This good feature also helps farmers to drive it smoothly on sloppy-terrains. If you upgrade Utes on a regular basis, Toyota Hilux can be a great option for you. Conventionally, most of them comes at good and acceptable prices too.

Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger is another strong contender in Ute sales, with highly efficient engine and good transmission system. It is really fantastic to drive. And, is consequently most loved by kiwis Ute buyers.

Generally, Ford Ranger can satisfy even the most freakish demands demand when it comes to its great varieties in terms of shapes and sizes. There are large and spacious double cabs that can accommodate a number of people. If you conventionally want to get around the farm, there are 4WDs. And, there are single cabs also for people carry tools easily with larger trays.     

Ford XLT Ranger

Ford XLT ranger comes with the latest innovative technologies and is well-equipped with that you can best expect. As it offers good traction and comes with side airbags, it is much safer to drive. Most of their models come with automatic parking system and adaptive cruise control add-ons that are worth purchasing. These technologies are not particularly available in the Utes, which makes XLT Ranger a great alternate when it comes to safety.

If you are also planning to buy a Ute, than two of them can be great to choose. Both of them offer a great driving experience for various purposes. But make sure to choose one that can satisfy your personal lifestyle and requirements.

Talk to us and we can help you to make the right choice, also can help you to sell your old car in Auckland. Good Luck!

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Are you sure that you are getting the genuine price for your car?

For many people buying and selling of cars goes well with easy but there are a few important steps that need to be followed in order to complete the process. One such step is determining the price of vehicles and that is often overlooked.

However, it is not always possible to get fair car assessment this because the rate of depreciation varies for different makes, models and brands. Another good reason is that, when selling a vehicle you might be concerned to get most of its worth, but the team at used car buyers – cash for cars online service, are always searching for better bargains.


Our brief guide could help you to make sure that you are getting the best price for your car.

When buying a vehicle

When planning to buy an automobile, make sure doing some homework beforehand. This means gathering all possible knowledge about the details and prices of similar models that you are looking for. It is very crucial as well as difficult, particularly if you are looking for a classic vehicle. However, checking on Auctions and reputable used auto dealer websites will be of great help to you. After all, no one would be willing to over budget and still end up buying a lemon.

Comparatively, automobiles that have low mileage and are not much older, except for 3-5 years are usually quite easy to assess with the help of free car valuation online tools. The reason being, that these models are well-known and are sold on a regular basis in the current market. Furthermore, some of these automobiles won’t cost as much as a new one. But will still have a relatively high price tag.

This is why getting an auto valuation done is a good way to ensure that you are paying a fair value for the wheels you are interested in.

When selling a vehicle

If you are planning to replace your old ride with a new one and so planning to list it online for sale. You might be curious to know the price of your car at which you can sell it.  Though it can happen that you may luckily get an agreeable deal. Yet you should be cautious of online swindlers. Free car valuation online is always easier than making a call.


Insuring your vehicle

When getting an insurance cover for your vehicle, make sure are paying the right amount for it. If your vehicle gets stolen or entirely run down in the future. You will get the agreed value after deducting any excess or outstanding deductions from it.

Hence, it is important to accept a precise agreed value. The insurer may even ask you to provide the assessment certificate from an expert as evidence. If you are selling particularly antique or rare wheels.

Conversely, if you agree to a price higher than the actual worth of your wheels. You may end up paying higher premiums or bearing huge repair expenditures more than its true value. And, if you agree a price lower than your vehicle’s worth. You won’t be able to get enough money that could cover the expenses of replace if it ever get stolen or damaged.

So, make sure to agree on a new value each year at the renewal of your policy while keeping in mind the maintenance costs. This is because as long as the machines will be well maintained, they will have good value.

Therefore, getting an accurate and true worth of your automobile is a crucial step that should not be overlooked. Also remember that not all automobiles are equal in value. Their value varies depending on their year, make and model and lastly, their condition.

Sell your car in Hamilton for the best cash and do not forget to check out used car buyers Auckland locations.

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How much can you get for a junk car?

It’s not unusual to fall in love with a car so much that you refuse to give it up. Right up to the point where it becomes so expensive to maintain. One could legitimately refer to it as a scrap vehicle.

That is where you realise that you have a problem on your hands. You need to sell your junk car. Check out the ultimate tips for selling your car online. The question inevitably arises: How much can you get for it? A great question indeed.


Assessing the car’s value

The actual process of correctly disposing of a scrap automobile is simple and easy. However, determining its monetary value is an entirely different story. There is a handy framework of key points that most people take into consideration in order to make this job easier, though. The location of the vehicle, what kind of condition the vehicle is in. How much money scrap metal is worth at that particular time. The year the vehicle was made in, its make and model.

When someone assesses your vehicle they will have those points in mind. As a result the general price a junk vehicle will garner will usually hover around the three hundred dollar mark. Give or take one hundred, depending on those variables mentioned.

Determining the true price of a scrap vehicle

The fact that a vehicle has reached the end of its life doesn’t mean that every component of it is useless. The exact opposite is true. It is still packed with goodness. If you can catalogue of the re-sellable parts that can be re-used you can eventually find an extremely accurate value. But if you want a starting point before doing all that it is a good idea to find out what the current market value is for the cars of the exact same model, brand new.

When you get paid for it the amount of dollars depends on a rough estimation of how much its value has shrunk. And that in turn is a number arrived at by subtracting the amount of dollars that would be needed to sink into the car complete repair. In this case, you have to sell the vehicles. Even it’s running under finance. Check out how to sell a car under finance?

How to get paid maximum cash

When you call a company that buys junk cars for sale up, keep in mind the amount of money you have personally estimated the automobile to be valued at. Most auto removal companies will provide you with a free no obligation quote, which is great. You can ring as many of them up as you can, or alternatively fill out the forms that they should have on the front page of their website.

The company that gives the highest quote will be a sure bet for getting the most cash. Just make sure that they are situated in your neck of the woods. As then they can come and pick it up free of charge. Remember that if it’s completely rusted out. It will be worth a lot less, so it’s a good idea to sell it soon after it dies to avoid the value diminishing effect of deterioration.

You can get cash for junk car, just put in a little extra effort into the process and you won’t be sorry. As you will probably get even more cash.

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Frequently asked questions when buying a car

Buying a used vehicle can be a daunting task, as it seems very frustrating to deal with pushy auto dealers or salesman. So, second hand auto buyers should gather as much information as possible to avoid being ripped off by the cash for used car dealers. It is advisable to take a thoughtful decision before buying a vehicle than regretting later on. While selling a used auto dealer will disclose all the good features or extras of the vehicles, but when it comes to faults they won’t reveal any.

So, before signing the contract and saying “Done deal” ensure to get answer to few questions listed below else you will end up purchasing a lemon.


What do you want to sell the vehicle?

Inquire the dealers the reason for why they want to sell the vehicle. It is a good way to check out any deception on the part of the dealer. If the dealer says something odd or nervously, then it will be better for you to leave the offer then and there.

Who was the previous owner of the vehicle?

How many kilometers are there on the odometer?

Distance travelled or mileage of second-hand wheels helps the buyers to determine its value. Dealers or salesmen often try to hide the actual kilometers or distance travelled by the automobile. This is usual in cases of old wheels. To check this out, have a look at the odometer readings. If it reads higher or appears to be stuck on a particular number when you test-drive the vehicle, then it will be wise to leave the dealership.

Can I check the engine oil?

While doing the vehicle inspection, make sure to ask if the dealer has ever skipped an oil change. It is suggested better to check on your own. If you see water in the oil or it shows up as tan foam, then it may cause problems in the automobiles. Avoid buying such automobiles.

Can I see the service records?

Going through the service records will help you in car valuation. It is an important step of buying a vehicle as, proper service records serve as a proof that the vehicle was taken care of. This will also provide you all the details about the previous repair automobile has gone through. If you observe that some parts need timely replacement or repairing you can negotiate at a price less than the seller’s.

Can I take the car for test-drive?

This is probably the most crucial step of buying process as well as auto inspection. A test-drive will help you to know if the car is running smooth. The engine is making noise or not and if you are able to shift gears smoothly. If the owner refuses you to try the vehicle out, that’s a good time to leave.

Do you have the ownership papers for it?

Go through the ownership thoroughly to ensure that the car is not stolen and you are trading safer. If the owner denies to show you the title or make some lame excuses. Then just cancel the deal.


What is the price of your car?

Lastly, make sure that the asking price by the seller is negotiable. And don’t just rush into the deal. Go through all of the above answers and then see if the price asked by the seller is really worth paying or not.

Get in touch with Used Car Buyers and take the advantage of our cash for cars services.

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Should I junk my car or donate it?

First of all, ask yourself since you are the one who is driving the car for so long. Also, you should know what your current financial condition is.

However, If your vehicle is not running at all and cannot be fixed. Then, you must need to get a new car.


What If, you junk your car?

If you make yourself ready to junk a car, then you can make some decent cash for a car which can be used to contribute into your next vehicle which is pretty much handy.

You must need to contact Auto Wreckers in your region who can pay you cash and offer the free auto removal from your premises.

Overall, this is very handy to sell your car as Junk. There is no hassling or paperwork. Auto Wreckers can do that on your behalf.

What if, you donate your car?

Donate your scrap vehicle and make yourself feel good. You might get the benefits in your annual tax returns by showing the donation receipts. For most of people, it’s more beneficial than junking an auto. So evaluate your situation and make the decision accordingly.

Before donating the vehicle, please make sure that you ask the charity organisation to get rid of the vehicle from your location for no extra cost. Otherwise, it will cost you money for nothing.

Finally, it can be you only who can make the decision on your own. Just because everybody’s condition can be different. If you don’t have much concern about tax benefits and you found that you can get, the more cash for cars – go for Auto Wrecking Choice.

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The ultimate tips for selling your car online

For those of us thinking “I want to sell my used car” for the first time ever, the prospect of all the hoops that one must jump through can be un-nerving and exciting. It can be like a game of chess, where the process of advertising and eventual negotiation of price can require a strategic approach that requires a bit of planning and forethought if you want to achieve the best outcome price-wise. What follows is a wee list of great handy hints to help all those auto sellers out there involved in the struggle.



By now everyone has heard the cliché “Knowledge is power” an umpteen amount of times. But it really should go without saying that it is absolutely true. Maybe it’s not as powerful as access to nuclear weapons, but it certainly is up there. And the amount of knowledge you have about the vehicle you are selling will have a huge influence on how much money you manage to make out of its sale. The main points you want to learn about include:

  1. The make and model
  2. The year and date of manufacture
  3. Problems that the vehicle is well known for
  4. The best place to sell car online free
  5. The average mileage
  6. Average selling price

You can find this and other information on the internet. Specific websites that specialize in the type of machine you have would be a suggestion of places to look, as well as Auto trading sites, where you can get a basic handle on what kind of price your ride goes for. Most of cash for cars companies offer this service for free. Check out how cash for cars work?

Don’t rely on “Book Value”

Book value doesn’t account for a few things, such as how the pervading attitudes that are influenced by our surrounding culture impacts the market much more strongly than normal fixed loss of value assessment can keep tabs on. Or, in a much shorter and easier to understand sentence: Demand sometimes exceeds supply.

Gather together maintenance records

Prospective buyers are going to take a shine to your car if its history is transparent. Especially if it shows that your set of wheels has been taken care of consistently over the amount of time it has existed. Presenting all this information to a customer will instil trust and respect in them.

Paperwork pertaining to the parts that have been bought and work that has been done in order to keep it road worthy also shows that the car will be in good health after the sale. Problems that the vehicle has had will be on full display, ensuring that anyone who looks can reasonably extrapolate from the past issues what future bugs they might be able to expect. You will be sure to get the best amount of cash for used cars.


Clean the car

Give the exterior a wash and wax. Pay to have any dings and dents fixed. A well-presented vehicle is like a well-dressed candidate at a job interview. First impressions have a lasting effect, and people are notoriously judgemental. Even if the automobile performs like a champion, if it looks like it hasn’t had a shower in weeks you will have a tough time selling it.

For more information, check out the tips for selling a car in Auckland.

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Tips for selling a car in Auckland

If you are a car owner who hasn’t yet had to go through the process of selling a car, don’t worry because all auto owners eventually have to one day. Either your car will break down so badly that the price of repair out-weighs the cost of replacement, or your neighbour has just bought a beautiful new ride and you are jealous, filled with a need to buy an even better set of wheels and make her envious instead.

When selling your old vehicle it is imperative that you do it properly so that you squeeze the most cash you possibly can out of it. Fortunately, there are several avenues you can go down in order to achieve the greatest success selling the bucket in the garage that you have grown to despise.


Fast Money

The more desperate the seller is to see the back of their old automobile is definitely a plus for anyone wishing to haggle the price down to a point where buying it is almost akin to stealing it in broad daylight. If you really are that keen to make quick money from the disappointment that you used to sell a vehicle, your best bet to sell your car fast is with professional car buying services, otherwise known as cash-for-cars-companies. Jump online and check out so many cash for cars companies in Auckland.

The reason for this is the fact that regardless of the condition of the vehicle, these companies buy them so that they can mine them for their parts and resources. The fact that they do this for a living and have been doing so for many years means that the price offered for your vehicle is assured to be fair and quick. You can go from online valuation to cash sale within a day.


Another path to getting cash for old cars is the more lucrative option of selling it privately. This involves advertising online, screening possible customers, negotiating prices, and hopefully making a nice profit with which to spend on a brand new or used car. This strategy does require extra time and money. The money is needed to make any repairs, so as to make it more valuable, and to remove any dents and scrapes, which will make it prettier. But it’s all worth it to get that sweet, sweet money.

Trade in

This avenue of action is all about the upgrade (or downgrade, if that is what your circumstances require). You will get a great value from the dealership, with the added enticement of a deal on a nice vehicle from their car-lot. It is still always best to shop around and look for the best deal you can possibly get.

Overall, it is extremely important to keep your wits about you at all times during the process of selling your old automobile. If you don’t, you run the risk of looking the fool with less money.

Still wondering, what is the price of my car? Get in touch with Premier used car buyers in Auckland.

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How does cash for cars work in NZ?

Cash for cars is the process where you can sell your old, used, second hand or unwanted car for the decent cash and get the free auto pickup from your location.

The whole process was produced by using car buyers for the people who do not have time to sell their cars or other unwanted vehicles OR the people who is having the hardest time to sell their best condition of the car.


The process works in 3 simple steps:

Get a cash offer

Get the free cash estimation from the selected cash for cars companies in your region. Compare the quotes along with the terms and conditions and go for the best offer you feel good. Get the cash for used cars in a smart way.

Make the Decision

Time for the right decision. Do not only consider the top cash, always check out our services and terms as well. Make sure that you do not need to get involved into auto removals and paperwork hassles thereafter.

Get a free pickup & top cash for cars

This part should be very easy for you, just sit in your home and get paid in full. Leave the rest of hassles for the auto removal company. Please make sure that you get your amount in full before letting your vehicle removed.

“Used car buyers” is Auckland, owned company who pays top cash for cars through Auckland to Hamilton including all the Waikato regions and rural areas. Get the free cash quote today and sell your car in a smart way.

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