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Quick car maintenance tips for busy people!

Busy bees like you often don’t even get time to go for a pedicure session, forget about maintaining the car!  Though we wouldn’t say that car maintenance is anyway secondary to your personal grooming sessions, but of course since you are struggling so much for time, we thought it would be of immense help if you had a quick checklist.

Ø  Important car maintenance tips! 

You definitely don’t want your car to turn into a junk and be given away to Used Car Buyers for cash for scrap cars. Although years down the line, if you ever need to, this company will provide you reasonable money for the car that you send for scrap, responsibly handle the scrapping process, and also make the process absolutely hassle free for you. But that’s the last resort. For now, it’s important to follow the quick guidelines for the car’s maintenance.

o   Read the manual, today — Perhaps it’s already been a year since you bought the car. But have you still opened the user manual and read it? Maybe you are just putting off the matter for another weekend each time. But today, we suggest you read it. It’s important that you know what privileges you get with the car and how you can maintain it over the years. 

o   Set up a car maintenance reminder — Hey busy person, we know it’s really difficult to remember the car’s maintenance schedule when you have hundreds of other important things to remember. But you can always keep a reminder of that maintenance session in your mobile and even book a company to pick up the car and drop it when the time arrives (For added convenience!). 

o   Changing air filter after every 12k miles is essential— The air filters in your car are prone to damage. Well, remember it’s essential to change it after every 12000 miles. And do you know what’s the catch here? It hardly takes 10 minutes to change the air filters if you do it yourself.

o   Check functionality of windshield wiper before the monsoon — Probably you are so busy that you don’t even realise that rainy seasons are back. So, remember that you have to repair or replace your windshield wipers in case there is any trouble. Otherwise, you might get caught in a nasty accident and may even have to face severe damage that may force you to opt for used car removal for scrapping purposes. 

o   Fluids and belts need regular replacement— Amidst the hustle of life, you don’t even remember or know that your car’s fluids, belts, hoses etc. require regular replacements. If you ignore, you might have to waste hours being stranded on a highway because of a faulty engine. 

o   Never put off battery recharging —You probably ignore using your car because of your busy schedule. And maybe your company provides you a pick and drop service. The result of the same can be complete drainage of your car’s battery. Remember, if you are putting off recharging the battery at regular intervals, you won’t be able to start the vehicle when you require it (during the weekends or emergencies). So, keep a timer for that as well. 

No matter how busy you are, if you are following the quick list given above, your car would stay functional and sound, and you can safely drive around without much ado.

Empty your house in just 24 hours flat – it is possible!

You might be moving to another location with everything new in that house. Or you are just migrating from your city and setting up an entirely fresh business and home in that place. So, the need of the hour is to empty your house within 24 hours. Yes, we understand the time limit is really tight and there is a lot to do. But don’t worry, it is possible to go on with everything swiftly and quickly within this very time limit.

  Useful tips to empty your house within a day!  

You probably have half of the shopping centres stored in your house. And with so many items in the place, it is very difficult to empty it within such a short time. Well, somebody said that everything is possible!  So, we thought of helping you out in finding out those possible ways through which you can empty your house in just 24 hours flat.


Get rid of the junk first — First thing first! Remember if you get rid of the junk available in the place, sorting out everything else would be really easy. So, take a huge bag and start filling it with all the unwanted items in the house. You need not fold them and put these systematically since you have the least amount of time in hand, just dumping them all in the bag is enough.

Pack your stuff — Are you taking some of the important items with you? Well, then make a bag and put all your important documents, books, files, and even some clothes in this bag, and keep it aside. If you have furniture to take with you, you have to call the packers and movers to help you out with this. Once your item is taken out from the house, it becomes easier to empty it. The packers and movers can also help you pack and move the other stuff that you plan to take to the new location.

Sell the unwanted furniture — There are many junk and pre-owned item collectors who will happily visit your plot to collect all the extra furniture that you don’t require. Ask them to come at a decent hour and collect all the furniture immediately. You will get some amount in exchange for them which you can keep or donate if you like.

The outdoor space emptying — Once the interior of the house is empty, you can concentrate on the exterior part as well. If you have the garden furniture – sell or donate. If you have plants that are still thriving, you can donate to the nearby nursery. For your old car standing in the garage, call Used Car Buyers to scrap old cars for cash. They’ll provide a decent sum in exchange for the vehicle and pick them up from your property.

Cleaning of the house — So now you’ve removed all the huge items from the house. From furniture to used car removal, everything is dealt with! Now you can call the professional cleaners to clean the entire place. They will throw away all the useless items and make the house spick and span. As for the exteriors, they will pressure wash the entire yard making it gleam as well.

If you follow all the above steps, you’ll be surprised to see that the entire house would be empty within a day. Now you can move to the new location carefree.

These DIY in car repairs are a big No!

The ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) trend is breaking the Internet. From colouring  walls to maintaining  vehicles, people are trying their hands at everything  — independently. Nothing wrong in it as long as you don’t create a big mess. Of course, the value of experts and their experience is something superlative. Especially when we are talking about car repairs, it’s really not advisable to do it all by yourself. Because even a small blunder while repairing these can lead to disastrous results in your car and can even lead to a life endangering accident.

Never try DIY in repairing these parts of your car!

There are dozens of experts and professionals available to look after the issues in your car. You can contact any one of them to treat the problems in your car. Trust us, most of them offer pretty affordable services too! It’s always better to go to professionals rather than trying these repair works on your own (coz an error here can actually turn your car into a scrap). And if something unfortunate like that happens, you are left with no option other than going for used car removal via Used Car Buyers. They ensure your damaged car is towed from your property without any additional charges and you get excellent returns for these. We know you definitely don’t want this to happen. In such cases, please avoid DIY repairs.

o   Repairing the air conditioner by yourself —The car’s air conditioner giving away is quite normal. The result is of course warm temperature in your vehicle. Well, you are looking for a quick solution to get rid of this problem. But repairing the air conditioner by yourself isn’t the wisest thing to do. You can commit some mistakes which can create a bigger problem in the working of the cooling system or maybe the heating system gets affected because of your prodding — which will lead to bigger trouble and expenditure. 

o   Replacing a windshield — Is the car’s windshield cracked or has some non-erasable spots? You probably thought you could easily rectify this problem by replacing the windshield by yourself. But you couldn’t be more wrong! If there is a single glitch in handling this glass, it can break and spoil the entire project. Even improper placement of the shield can lead to hazardous driving – a risk that you surely would not like to take. 

o   Transmission repairing —The transmitters in your car may wear out eventually. They require immediate replacement if you want your vehicle to run smoothly. Well, you think that replacing it is a quick and easy job. But it is not actually the case. Replacing these transmitters require quite a few steps that only a professional mechanic can handle. 

o   The electrical wires of your car — A single issue in your car’s electric wires can lead to a burning smell from the engine and even some problems while driving. You think you can handle the replacement of these wires by yourself? Well, thing again. Some of these electric wires of the modern cars are connected to a computer and require high-end knowledge to tackle them. If you are meddling with these yourself, there are very high chances of mistakes which can be drastic and might even wreck your vehicle, and you shall have no option other than giving it away to wreckers against cash for scrap cars. 

After reading all the consequences, it is natural to be scared of the DIY techniques regarding car repairs. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean that everything that you do by yourself in your car can lead to serious consequences. But it is always better to stay safe than sorry.

4 Times when scrapping a car is the only option left with you!

You would have heard about car scrapping! It’s the easiest way to get rid of an unwanted car and get some money in exchange for it. But what’s more important is to know when you should opt for car scrapping. Not all cars are worth giving away for junk. Some might not be at that stage yet. So, knowing when you should and shouldn’t send your car for scrapping is essential.

Situations when scrapping a car becomes imperative!

Your vehicle may show lots of problems occasionally. But of course you won’t run to the car scrappers to take away your vehicle at that very moment. You have to know when your car can be repairable, resaleable, or needs to be given away for junk. Just keep in mind about these situations (listed below) when you don’t have any other option than to give away your car for scrapping:

When the damage is seriously hopeless — Did you meet with an accident or some very vital part of your car got damaged? And is the situation too hopeless that you just couldn’t get your car back? Often your vehicle turns into a total piece of broken metal and junk after being crashed by some other vehicle. In such a situation, even if you try, there are no chances at all of repairing the same. Well, in such a situation, it’s better that you give away the metal and entire vehicle in exchange for cash for scrap cars When the vehicle is severely old — Okay, so you own a dilapidated car! This vehicle would show problems when you are trying to drive it, and also the maintenance of the same would be really high. And even if you are driving it, apart from the vintage feel, you won’t get any of the latest advantageous features in the vehicle. In such a case, call for used car removal via Used Car Buyers who’ll gladly take this old beast from your property without charging anything to you and provide you great returns for it.

When the insurance claim couldn’t be processed — Often after meeting with an accident, the first thing you do is contact your insurance agency to claim the same for your vehicle. But due to certain unfortunate circumstances, conditions, and liabilities, your insurance claim does not go through. In such a situation, instead of paying for the high damage on your own, it’s better that you give away the car entirely for scrapping and replace it with a new one.

When you’ve paid lots in repair already and the chain continues — Is your car giving you a lot of trouble? And you are constantly repairing the same paying high bills? In such a situation instead of investing so much in repairing an old car, you can always go for a new one and this old vehicle is best given away for scrap.

It is but natural that when a situation is irrevocable, you can’t keep trying to change it. So, under all these conditions, the best option is to give the vehicle for scrap.

Faced a car crash? Here’s what you should do immediately!

Sometimes unexpected events happen in life. You are driving extremely well on the road and suddenly some random car crashes with yours from the front or the back. We understand you aren’t at fault here. But, the damage is done and even you are liable to follow some important steps to come out of this tricky mess.

Ø  Essential steps to take immediately after a car crash incident!

Driving is probably the most dangerous activity of your daily life. You never know when some harsh incident may occur and you have to bear a drastic damage because of it. But since you are safe right now (Thank Heavens!) and only your car has been crashed, there are some important steps to take immediately so that you don’t have to bear much loss.

o   Call the police immediately— Since it is a car crash or accident, you will have to call the officials on the spot. They will look into the matter immediately and take all the necessary records of the incident.

o   Call for the ambulance— If there is no injury on the spot, then you don’t require to call for medical help. But if you or the person in the other car is seriously injured or even shows some concussions or scratches, don’t delay in calling the ambulance immediately.

 o   Take some records yourself — You have to be very active and alert when such a scene happens. Even if the police are delayed, don’t let the other vehicle owner go away. Record all the important details like the number plate, colour, and model of the vehicle, insurance data; and if possible, click the picture of the person driving the car.

 o   Claim the insurance —If your car is seriously damaged, the insurance company is liable to pay for the losses. Ensure that you are providing all the required proofs and documents.

 o   Let the culprit pay for the loss — You can file a legal case against that person or even discuss it mutually to ensure that you get the sum you require to repair your car.

 o   Call the car removals to pick it up — If your car is seriously damaged and you can’t move it from the spot, then you have to call service providers for used car removal in Auckland to pick it up from the spot.

 o   Scrap it and take the returns — In some cases the condition of the car is beyond repair and the same is dropped at your property by the local towing company. But since the vehicle is seriously damaged and is only a piece of junk now, it’s better to get cash for scrap cars from Used Car Buyers, who’ll pick up this damaged vehicle from your place and get you a nice return in exchange for it. You can later decide to get a new car from the insurance money.

 We understand the car crash can shake you from within. But it’s always wise to think calmly and carry out the proper steps. 

Things to Remember while scrapping your car for cash

If you’re thinking about scrapping your car make sure you do these stuff first so as to prevent problems and to get the most profit out of the deal.

  • Sell the useful parts

Yes of course, you may not be able to run your beat-up car well, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. You might not be able to strip off any useful components like tyres, starter motors, headlight, battery etc. and sell them unless you have settled on a cost for your car with a rescue yard, because in such case you should hand it over to them in the condition specified in the contract.

However if nothing more than the scrap value is expressed in the price you receive, then you should better take off the valuable components first and sell the car for its true scrap worth.

  • Remove all personal possessions

Like homes, cars appear to accumulate stuff over time, including important things in your car that you may have overlooked. One might be tempted to leave unwanted things inside the vehicle, but for both you and the scrap yard, doing so may cause problems.

  • Retrieve your title

The most significant document you need when scrapping your car is your title. This is because it shows evidence that ownership has been passed to the salvage yard. As without the title it might be possible that the car has been stolen.

This is why if you have a title, you should be careful of scrap car collectors who don’t care. Additionally, since you are still the legal owner, you will still incur liabilities by not changing ownership. 

  • Don’t waste your car’s petrol

If your vehicle is still running until you sell it to the scrap yard or before you get it towed away, you may want to use or remove the fuel from the tank. Because often the value of the fuel in the tank will reflect a large portion of the overall value you would get from the salvage yard. 

  • Cancel Insurance and strip license plates

Even the car is withdrawn from service, the license plate remains useful. In addition, in some states, it is a legal requirement that you remove license plates when changing car ownership.

In addition, when you apply to cancel the title, the department of motor vehicles is possibly going to ask for the plates. 

Cancelling your insurance would mean that before your policy expires, you do not have to make any further payments.

You are entitled to a refund if you have already paid for the full coverage.

In addition, even if your coverage is near its end and you feel like there’s nothing to lose, it’s still important to alert your insurer.

It demonstrates that you appreciate the friendship that you have with them. Thus in the future they will give you discounts, in exchange. 

  • Arrange for transportation

Although towing services are provided by some scrapyards, others do not. As such, ask whether it is done by your dealer or not.

If they do so ask whether it is for free or a part of the kit. And if they do it as a part of the kit then you can save money by opting for an independent towing service.

Different Ways to Scrap Cars for cash in Auckland

When your car is at its best, it is pretty easy to sell it for a decent price. You would also accept the fact that it won’t be that simple for a junk car, but there are still choices for you to check out.

You should seriously consider getting rid of our old car if you have it in your life and you don’t use it anymore, instead of leaving it to rot in your backyard or driveway.

So for those wanting to know how and where you can do your junk car removal for cash, here are a few good options worth exploring.


  • Sell it to the nearest Junkyard


You can ask – What about places close to me buying junk cars for cash? In this case, you might consider selling it in your area to a junkyard.

The function you’d do here will be to get as many quotes as possible for you to compare from various junkyards. And you should take your junk car to them until you’ve found the right one.

The cost of getting your car towed to the junkyard is more likely to be shouldered and you may be blessed to find one that provides free removal of junk cars.


  • Sell your Junk Car “As Is”


It is a common practice even by car dealerships to sell cars As Is. You can easily advertise your car for sale in the local newspaper, “As Is”.

Make sure that you make it clear to any prospective buyer that your car may have faults, and point out those you know about.

As you don’t want people later to come back and ask you to fix it for them.


  • Sell it Online


You can put an ad on eBay, Craigslist or any other auction website for your junk car. Just bear in mind that everybody has their challenges. 

It’s more likely you’ll find buyers here looking for junk cars. Most of these customers are looking to use a car or have it refurbished as a source of components. 

So, clearly, you cannot use this strategy to get much cash, but at least you’ll get rid of your junk car. 


  • Sell parts of your car


You may want to consider splitting your car if there is anything specific that took your junk car off the road, and the rest of it is in good shape, you can consider separating your car, which means taking bits off to sell them. 

For instance, you may have blown up the engine, or maybe had an accident that wasn’t worth fixing, but a lot of the car is untouched. Have you seen the price of the smallest accessories from the dealer?

Your mechanical aptitude depends on how much you can take off. The battery, mirrors, The CD radio unit, seats, wheels, lights, lenses and tyres could be removed by most individuals. It is best not to touch things like the steering wheel, which may have an airbag that could inflate and injure you suddenly. 

Now there is no reason for having your old car clutter your property as you have a plan of action, and you can even make some money out of them.

How to get free car removal in Auckland?

If you want your old car to be disposed of against a rewarding payout then you must know about free car removal in Auckland. You need not worry about the removal process since the car wreckers visit your premises and take care of the car removal process. If you have such a vehicle that you want to get removed and receive a handsome amount against it then you can go for free car removal services in Auckland.

How do free car removal services work?

It is always better to get rid of the old non-operational car and use the spare space for some better use. Car removal services have become easier over time. There was a time interval when you had to pay a lump sum amount to get rid of an old inoperable vehicle that demands a huge outlay to get restored. That was just the old junctures; now you get paid in return for the removal of an old rusting vehicle. All you have to do is to contact car wreckers and they take care of the process further. After removal, such car wreckers will salvage its parts and material and save them to sell later on.

Process for free car removal

Getting a quotation from car wrecker

If you have any car that has reached its terminal age, then you can rely easily on wreckers. All you need to do is to contact them and confirm the value of the car they can provide to you.

Plan pick-up

You can talk with wreckers and schedule a pick-up as per your convenience.

Get paid

Make sure that the price they are offering is genuine. After settling for the price, you can hand them over the car and get paid for the same.

Benefits of car removal

  • By removing your junk vehicle you contribute a little towards the protection of the environment from further depletion.
  • An old aged vehicle that is of no use, just covering up space in the yard, can give you a handsome amount of money.
  • You get fair money for your old car and that too instantly. This prevents the blockage of funds.
  • The best part of such services is that you don’t require to pay any charges when you contact for vehicle pick up.


If you want your aged car to reward you with a considerable amount just by being disposed of, then nothing could be better than getting free removal service. On one hand, you get rid of unnecessary space blockage in the yard, and on the other, you get sufficient amount as a consideration. Thus, we suggest utilizing your underlying vehicle for getting funds.

6 ways to spruce up your home with car scraps

Did you just have some of your car parts replaced? Or do you have car scraps crowding your garage space? Sure, you can find scrap cars for cash Auckland dealers and sell these parts. Or you could get creative and repurpose them. The most eco-friendly option would be the latter because you are preventing these parts to litter an overflowing landfill. What’s more? You are even saving money on home décor purchase. How? Well, here are 6 ways to use car components to spruce up your home.

Repurposing Tyres

There are many ways to repurpose old tyres. From using them swings, obstacle course, and garden decorations to making an ottoman, bed for your pet, and coffee table with them. With an extra few steps, you can even give your mirrors a revamp or add an automobile touch to your home’s lighting.

Transforming door handles

Missing a cabinet handle? Swap in an old car’s handle. Using car handles on your doors, drawers, and cabinets can give your house a unique look. The handles inside a car can become great key holders or basically any type of holder in the kitchen and the rest of the home.

Lighting up with headlamps

Repurpose the headlights and taillights by using them to light up your house. Headlamps can become the new study lamp for your kids. Alternatively, you can use them as corner or floor lights to highlight a particular wall. You can also hang them as ceiling lights in your kitchen and dining area.

Seat, suspension, and engine

If your old car has comfy seats, turn them into sofas and sofa chairs. Alternatively, they can become swings in your balcony. The spring suspension is perfect for holding books, cards, files, and newspaper and can work as a divider. If you have an engine cylinder lying around, use them to hold your wine bottle in your small home bar.

Bonnet, deck, and steering wheel

Turn your bonnets into cool headboards and steering wheels into a great centrepiece for your dining table. The deck of a pickup truck can very well become a pool table or a kid’s bed.

Grille, belt, and plate

Repurpose the front grille into a shelf to store decorative items or boxes in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. The seat belts can become keychains (hook part) and key holders (latch), respectively. Your old license plate can help create a birdhouse or a magazine holder.

Sprucing up your house with car parts is fun, money-saving, and eco-friendly, but most of all, it is easy. From creating beds and furniture to decorating your garden, car parts are perfect for a fun DIY project. All you need is some paint, tools, bedding, and a whole lot of imagination.

In Need Of Some Cash? Here’s a list of things you can sell for money

Although making money can seem more difficult than ever in this day and age, the fact is, you can get some quick cash right from the comfort of your own home. There are a lot of things that you can sell for decent money – 

  1. Do you, like so many people, have a wardrobe full of clothes, that, although in very good condition, aren’t worn by you? There are plenty of websites online where you can sell your clothes for profit. 
  2. If you have an artistic side or are handy with crafts, you can sell these online for a decent amount of money.
  3. Do you perhaps have a bunch of old books you don’t read anymore? You have the option to sell them so that someone else might read them, while at the same time decluttering your house. Some first editions can even get you a small fortune if you find the right buyer. Series box sets also draw a lot of attention
  4. That hideous gold jewelry you inherited from your nana that you’ve never worn? Who knows, you might have unknowingly been sitting on a treasure trove of spare cash.
  5. Were you a nerd who collected limited edition figurines or merchandise that can now be sold hundreds of dollars? Or perhaps you have first edition CDs or cool merchandise from movies and TV? Even collectibles like rare coins or currency, model airplanes or cars, and wine among other things are quite valuable. 
  6. Believe it or not, the sneaker flipping market is big. Often, limited edition sneakers by large brands (like Adidas and Nike) are flipped by people online and sold for high prices.
  7. Even your childhood toy collection could fetch you a bit of money. Look around sites like eBay to see what those toys are being sold for. Stuff like Pokemon cards, happy meal toys, barbies or even that GameBoy that you have kept this long can be sold online. 
  8. You can sell your old car for good deal money, either through online websites or to some buyers directly. If you know your way around your car and are handy with a wrench and other tools, your car can be stripped of parts that can then be sold independently. Visit Cas For Scrap Cars, Auckland to find great deals. 
  9. Your skills and services, new ideas and opinions, on the internet, you get paid for anything that may be useful. 

Although there are many other ways you can probably get your hands on some cash like participating in medical tests or drug trials, selling your hair, we suggest you stick to the safer, conventional means unless you’re feeling adventurous!

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