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The myth of selling your car for parts

If you have a car that has reached its scrap stage, this is incredibly unfortunate. You might be thinking of parting the car out and selling all the parts off, as it may seem like this is the only option. But it turns out that it really isn’t all that simple. In theory, dismantling a car and selling the parts is a perfectly valid way to go about selling a junk car.

But there is one problem. And it is the fact that in order to complete this task, you need all the right tools, all the right expertise and knowledge, as well as experience. If you have none of these things, or you only have the tools, parting a vehicle out and selling the parts for money might not be for you. In reality it is not a task any ordinary person can complete on their own.

Should I Perform a DIY Car Dismantling?

This is definitely a great option if you meet all the correct requirements. A huge amount of space, preferably in the form of a large garage, will be essential. On top of that, there is the wide array of tools that you need, up to thousands of dollars-worth. The big parts, including the engine and transmissions, will need a sales outlet. Then there is the massive amount of experience, knowledge, expertise, know how and skill needed to successfully dismantle a vehicle without damaging the parts.

If you have ticked all those boxes, well done. Do you have an ecologically safe method for recycling or disposing of all the hazardous and toxic substances present in fluid form in your vehicle? Because if you don’t, you will be harming the environment.

There are people who do have everything described above. They are the junkyards and car removal companies that pay folk for their old automobiles with a mind to completely recycle them. It is a whole industry unto itself, it is regulated very heavily, and staffed by highly skilled professionals. And even they can sometimes struggle to make any sort of profit after all the expenses.

Selling the Parts Online

If you have a vehicle that has been damaged in a rear ended accident, and you sell the transmission to someone, well done. But now you have a badly damaged vehicle with no transmission. It is hugely less valuable than it was. You would have had some luck selling to a cash for cars company, who would have bought the whole vehicle off you for top dollar. But now you have to shell out money for a towing company to haul it off to a junk yard.

Selling a badly damaged, or junk, car is easy and fast, and you will still make a good amount of money from it. All you have to do is contact your local car removal or cash for cars company. They will buy it off you regardless of the condition it is in, and you won’t have to pay a cent for its removal.

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