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Selling a caravan in Auckland

Are you preparing to sell a caravan? It would be safe to assume that you want the most stress and hassle-free experience possible. In a perfect world, you will be able to sell it fast, without any hick-ups, and for an amount of money that fills you with delight. Here are some indispensable tips to help you make this crazy dream a reality:

Selling caravan process

Sell your caravan during peak time

If you can, it is always advised that you put your caravan up for sale at peak time, when demand is higher. This will make the price more generous to you. Research shows that the best time for the sale of caravans occurs between January and April.

Make the starting price a fair one

You will want to place a minimum price on the caravan. But remember that prospective buyers will have a mind to attempt negotiating the price down. Make the asking price an amount where if it is negotiated downward, the result is to your satisfaction. Research online what caravans of a similar make, model and age are selling for.

Write a great advertisement

It really goes without saying that you should include all the major details describing your caravan. This includes the make, model, condition, year of manufacture and price. But don’t stop there. Think about who the van would be good for. Is it a great caravan for families? Or is it more suited to a couple? Include how many beds the caravan has.

You will want to include other information as well, such as where the caravan was kept while it was under your ownership, how well you maintained it, what its weight has been measured as, and if you have all the maintenance records mention that as well. Don’t forget, the total amount of kilometres the caravan has travelled during its time with you. If there are any issues, mention those as well because being honest is important.

Take great photos

When selling vehicles or any other item of interest, whether you have photos or didn’t make a giant difference to the ease of selling. And fortunately for you, we are living in an age where cameras are ubiquitous. You can easily take a photo. Make sure you wash the caravan and clean it up on the inside first, and then get into taking photos.

You would also not be wasting your time if you make some video footage of the innards of your caravan and upload that to the internet advert you are making as well. Be sure to take all pictures and videos at a time of day that ensures the best lighting as well.

Wash the caravan

Get the caravan as clean as possible. If you have enough money, maybe spend some getting the whole van detailed. Replace anything that needs replacing because it is looking slightly older. And make sure everything in the caravan is working properly, like the stove and electrical. Good luck selling your caravan in Auckland, NZ.

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