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Used car selling tips for backpacker

If you are heading to NZ for a tour, purchasing a vehicle is likely to be one of the most easiest and cost effective ways to see the country. Besides being highly cost effective it gives you the freedom of seeing the country at your own pace. But when your backpack tour in NZ is over, it can be a difficult task to sell your car. In fact, many backpackers underestimate the process of selling a vehicle.

Here are some simple steps that will help you out to sell your unwanted car, truck or caravan in Auckland, NZ:

Valid registration

Selling your vehicle with a valid registration makes the process a bit easier. In fact, buyers usually better rates for a vehicle with valid registration. Additionally, the longer the registration the better rates you can expect to get for your vehicle. There is always a competition around. As buyers are aware of the extra costs, if you are selling a vehicle that is about to run out of registration within a few weeks of purchase.

Good condition

The best way to sell your automobile for backpacker is presenting it in a good condition. Presentation of a car obviously matters because buyers are always attracted towards clean and properly working automobiles. Selling a well-presented automobile will definitely help you get more dollars. Thus, it is best to take your used set of wheels to a professional auto wash company and give it a good clean and polish the outside. There are a number of professional vehicle wash companies who offer this service for around $30 to $50 in Auckland.

Know the expectations of prospective buyers

Before setting a price, it is better to get a few quotes from the auto buyers or dealers. When you quote a price higher than the other backpackers it will be difficult for you to sell your used vehicle. If it has been over one week without any buyers and you notice that your competitors are selling fast, you should revisit your quoted price.

Auto dealers

There are Mega car parts, which is located in Onehunga, Auckland and a great place to sell your car for quick cash. You can find a number of used car buyers there.

Other than this, there are cash for cars companies in Auckland who are reliable and trustworthy auto buyers. You can depend on them to get a fair estimate for your used vehicle. If you are looking to sell your car for fast cash, make sure to choose a reputable company.

Marketing your vehicle

The marketing process of your automobile can be an expensive affair. Some of the less expensive options where you advertise your automobile for sale online. In addition to this, you can also print some flyers and put them into hostel notice boards. However, just make sure to ask the hostel first or else they might remove it within a few hours. You can also use some nice and attractive photographs with some impactful details about your vehicle.

How to deal with a totalled car after the car accident

Have you been involved in an unfortunate accident, but your vehicle has survived major damage? If so, your insurance company may label it written off the car as a “total loss”. Of course, it is a difficult experience to experience a major vehicle crash and seeing your damaged auto declared as a total loss. But, how do you cope with a totalled car after an accident?

Before you call your auto insurance company, knowing what happens next can certainly reduce some of the stress accompanying with major vehicle accidents. It will also provide you a game plan to deal with the insurance agencies and getting on with your life.


How much will my insurance give me for my totalled car?

Different countries use different total loss threshold. If total-loss threshold used by your state is 70%. It means that if 70% or more of your car’s value is damaged. In this case, your insurance provider will consider it as a total loss.

How can you deal with a totalled car?

If you get in an auto crash with worst condition of vehicle, there are a few options that you can consider. You can consider to keep and fix a machine, sell your vehicle for parts, or donate it to charity.

  1. Keep the car and fix it

If your automobile is not mechanically damaged and cosmetic damage is what deemed it totalled. It may probably be safe to drive. In such situations it makes sense to repair or fix your vehicle. Additionally, it is normal to get emotionally attached to a machine that you use daily. Maybe the settlement value isn’t adequate to purchase a replacement automobile. In this situation, the insurance provider deducts the scrap value (the value it expects to get for your wrecked automobile) along with the deductible if you were at fault. Well, you will be paid the remaining money.

As opposed to a clean title, the insurer will give you a salvage title for the automobile. It is a rule that when an insurance agency declares an automobile as a complete write-of. It will have a salvage title. And, if you decide to sell it later, you cannot claim that your vehicle has a clean title when it actually doesn’t.

It is may be difficult to get an auto insurance on a vehicle with a salvage title. In fact, there are some companies won’t insure them at all. While some will only offer liability insurance, instead of a collision or comprehensive insurance.

  1. Keep the car, but don’t fix it

If it still safe to drive, you can simply keep the car and accept whatever cosmetic damage has made it a total write-off. This is common with automobiles that are paint loss or with dents or scratches, from hail damage or any other accident. However, if the drivetrains including transmission, engine are working perfectly well and the airbags didn’t deploy, it may still be in good enough condition to serve your needs. If the amount claimed from the insurance provider is not sufficient to cover a replacement vehicle, then this may be a smart option to opt for.

  1. Sell your car for parts

After taking the ownership of a totalled vehicle, an auto insurance agency purchase totalled auto and sell it for parts or materials. If you feel that you have adequate know-how or skills to remove and price the several many parts of your auto on your own, you choose to the vehicle and sell its individual parts. This way you could receive more money than what the insurance company may offer you. Moreover, if you have great knowledge about cars and want to use its parts in another vehicle, this may be an option for you.

  1. Get the cash for cars

Many times people choose to take the pay-out offered by the auto insurance company and hand over their damaged auto to the insurers. The insurance provider or the at-fault driver’s insurer will give you a check with the amount of the automobiles’ actual cash value. If you were at fault in the accident, the insurer will pay you the value less the deductible.

However, don’t forget that you can always negotiate the money on your totalled automobile. Remember to be clear while negotiating with the insurer and learn how they have determined the value of your auto. Typically, they select five vehicles that are “comparable” to yours and determine their worth. They won’t consider the most expensive and least expensive automobiles, and take the average price of the remaining three vehicles and this what they pay you.

But the problem with this process is that the insurance provider may not have a precise representation among those five vehicles. These automobiles might have minimal accessories or maybe vehicles of lower end models. However, make sure to ask the insurer how they arrived at the offer price. Also, check that they consider the exact trim, model. And mileage of your vehicle before the crash. Also, get ready to prove the value of your automobile. You will need the receipts for anything installed on your vehicle. Remember the receipts for repairs and maintenance won’t help you. Because theoretically they just put your vehicle in a drivable condition and don’t increase the worth of your vehicle.  

  1. Donate your car

If you want to enjoy a tax deduction on the depreciated value of your vehicle. You can consider donating your vehicle to charity. Some donation services will also tow your vehicle for free. Sell it for part or components and let you choose the charity services that receives the money from your totalled vehicle. A few popular ones include – Kars4Kids, Wheels for Wishes and Cash for US Troops.  

Along with transferring the title, you’ll need to fill out a form to gift the vehicle to the charity. However, different charitable organisations in each state use different processes. If your automobile is worth more than $5,000. You might need an independent appraisal. If you decide to sell your automobile for parts, it will likely bring you less money. But if you just want to dispose of your automobile and move on. It will be a good option to donate.

How to Sell Your Car Online

The longer you own your car, the higher the likelihood is that you will want to get rid of it and upgrade to a new one. How does one get rid of a car they don’t want? Normally they sell it. And anyone who has sold a car can attest to how much of an effort filled process it is. But that effort is well worth it as at the end you have some money. And everyone loves money. I know I do.

So if you would like to make your vehicle selling experience as smooth as is humanly possible, you would be wise to follow the tips that this article will proceed to outline.


Clean your Car

You may not like it, but first impressions are always ridiculously important. When out for a job interview you always make sure to shower and dress well, even though these things have no impact on your ability to do the job. The same rules apply to getting your vehicle ready for sale.

You will need to wax and wash your vehicle to the point where your muscles are aching and you feel like you can’t go on. Then you need to wash and wax some more. Give the inside of your vehicle a good vacuum and air it out as well. Check all the nooks and crannies for rubbish and personal items.

Have Your Vehicle Serviced by a Trained Professional

It doesn’t cost a whole lot to get your vehicle serviced but it can make sure that you get the most amount of money you can possibly get for it, so take it to a professional and have them do everything that they can do to make it perfect. This may or may not include getting oil filters changed, the oil itself may need changing, and if you can get any scratches and dents fixed that would be a huge bonus.

Get Your Maintenance History Together

A good way to have prospective customers more likely to buy your vehicle is to increase transparency and trust. Doing this isn’t hard, so long as you have kept all the maintenance history papers whenever you have had your vehicle brought in for maintenance. It will show that you have taken care of your car well over the time that you have had it, and it also creates a sense of trust between you and the prospective buyer. Ultimately, it will show that the car in question is in good condition because it has been well maintained. This is such a good thing that I am unsure how to stress this point further.

Find out the Value of Your Vehicle via Research

When doing research you will probably find yourself at the computer using a browser to open up websites. This will give you a rough idea of how much cars of the same age, make, model and conditions as you will get. You can use this information to get the free car valuation online.

If you follow these great pieces of advice you will have no trouble selling your vehicle for a good amount of money. Good luck.

How to Keep Your Car in Excellent Condition?

Most people don’t keep the same car for their whole lives. They usually sell it on at some point, often when it is still working fine and they are just pre-empting future rising maintenance costs by replacing it with a slightly younger vehicle. The important thing about this is that you are probably no exception to this rule.

Therefore, you would be well advised to prepare for when the time comes to sell your car by keeping it in good condition, by maintaining it and caring for it in the here and now. This will ensure that you will be able to sell it for a decent amount.

For those that are unaware of exactly how to achieve this, we have gone to all the effort to do intensive research in order to craft this informative article on exactly how to go about keeping your vehicle in tip top condition:


Keep it Serviced Regularly

Regular service serves a few different good causes. One of them is obvious. It just keeps your vehicle working properly by ironing out any crinkles that have arisen as an inevitable result of wear and tear. If you don’t get it serviced these wrinkles will get worse and worse until all of a sudden you have a giant problem. You are keeping all the different components in good nick, basically.

If you want to know exactly how many times per year you need to have your vehicle serviced. You can ask a mechanic or look at your car’s manual. The kinds of things you can expect to be done routinely are: change of engine oil, change of engine oil filter, and on top of that a general safety check.

When the time comes for you to sell, if you are prudent and keep all the maintenance records, you can show them to prospective customers to prove that your automobile is in sweet condition. This equals more money, which is always a good thing, unless you are Notorious B.I.G.

Sensible Driving Habits

Certain driving techniques can have a huge effect on the amount of wear and tear that your vehicle accumulates. It also helps your fuel efficiency.

Once good habit is to never accelerate too hard. You can also improve your fuel usage via the number of times you accelerate and slow down. Which in this case should be kept at a low number per trip. Do you have cruise control on your car? If you do, it can be an indispensable tool in the battle against bad fuel efficiency.

It might come as a surprise, but driving with the auto windows down will increase the car’s drag. So always keep them up, even on the hot days.

Finally, don’t forget to check your tyres regularly. This isn’t just to keep your car in good condition, it is also good for safety. Check for cracks that can get bigger with time, and also even if they are small they can negatively affect your tyres overall integrity.

Check out the ultimate tips for selling your car online if you want to sell it off without facing any hassles.

7 ways to sell a car without title

When selling a vehicle without a title, it becomes quite terrific to deal with all the hassles. In fact, people often end up without getting any deal.

In our post, we have mentioned seven helpful tips to sell a car without title:

  1. Request a new or Duplicate Title

If you have misplaced or lost the ownership papers of your vehicle, just submit an application at your state’s DMV for a new or duplicate ownership papers. Beside this, if there are some other problems like incorrect name, you can easily get it corrected through DMV. Find out how to sell a car under finance for more information.

In case, if you are selling your automobile to someone in another state, you can request a replacement through the Application of Replacement Certificate of your title. This form will also help you to transfer your auto’s ownership to the new purchaser.

 After this you will need to request for an Affidavit in Lieu of title to prove your ownership. For this you will require to submit the previous auto insurance documents or bill of sale. Once you have submitted all these documents, you will receive the title after some weeks.

  1. Does the title of your car lies with the Bank?

If you are planning to sell a car that have financed on it, ask your bank about the documents required to sell it. Also know if there are any methods through which you can pay off the unpaid loan after selling it to the buyer.

Generally, buyers feel reluctant to purchase a vehicle without a clear title. But if you assure them to pay the unpaid amount before selling, they might be comfortable in buying it. Just make sure to be honest with them or else they will back out at the last moment.

  1. Sell your vehicle for quick cash

There are many services like used car buyers where you can sell your car for cash and without the paperwork. They may just require you to fill out some forms. You will also require to show them the ownership proof like a driver’s license or vehicle registration. Often they may not be able to pay you much cash for your car.


On the other hand, if you sell it to junk auto buyers, you won’t have to face any troubles as in traditional trading process.

Get a free car valuation online and know the price of your vehicle straight away.

  1. What is the age of your automobile?

When selling automobiles, older than 20 years, seller may not need the ownership papers. Other than that they fill out Supplemental Assignment of Ownership forms indicating the buyer and the seller.

  1. Do you know the title owner?

If you don’t have the automobile’s ownership papers, but you are related to the title owner then don’t worry. Because there are many vehicle buying companies that will buy your automobile without a title. You will just need to show them the title’s holder’s license.

  1. Donate your car

If all of the above options fails, you can simply donate your automobile. Not all charity takes vehicle without ownership, so first make sure to inquire several organizations. In that case, junk your car or donate it.

 But, they will confirm through DMV that there is no more lien against the vehicle. Some of them will also accept a notarized signature.


The best part is that by donating your wheels, you can also enjoy tax deductions on the donation.

  1. Request the DMV

When all of the above options fails, you can ask your state-specific DMV to help you. They will not only give you clear advice, but also provide you copies of relevant forms to sell the vehicle safely.

Sell Your Damaged Car for Cash Today

Having an old vehicle (such as a truck or car) that doesn’t run anymore, due to damage, can seem like a dead end situation. Reason being that it’s impossible to imagine someone wanting to buy it off you. People tend to buy cars that work.

However, the reality is that there are options for getting cash for damaged cars. It all involves the amount of valuable parts that are still in perfect working order, despite the vehicle itself not running as a whole. They are valuable, and a source of income for salvage yards.

So don’t despair if your vehicle is no longer running. The following is a list of handy hints to help you along the way. If you would like to know what these options are please continue reading and all will be revealed.


Get Cash for Car Auckland’s Best Company

If you are after a quick, easy and convenient fix that will nevertheless be financially rewarding, this is the option for you. All you have to do is have all the details of the vehicle handy when you contact the business. Cash for Cars Companies are damaged car buyers. Then they will normally send someone in your place to assess the value of the vehicle and then buy it off you. Aside from being the most financially rewarding methods of selling your junk vehicle, you also get the added bonus of having your vehicle removed for free. Find out how does cash for cars work in NZ?

Sell your Junk Car on Best price in Auckland

You do all the preparation work in this option. That means draining the fluids, having the title ready and paying to have it towed to the scrap yard. Most people don’t choose this method since it doesn’t result in getting paid any more than if they use a cash for cars service.

Parting the car out yourself

It can be possible to make slightly more cash using this method. The main reason being you are knocking out the middle man and taking all the cash from the sale of second hand parts yourself.

You will need a great deal of mechanical skill. It is also necessary that you have all the tools required for the job. Especially the hoist for removing the engine, as they are very heavy and not many people can boast muscles big enough to get that job done.

Most people don’t have the time, tools or mechanical knowledge of automobiles in order to fully complete this task. It is best to consult the professionals.

Selling A Damaged Car For Cash Made Easy

Have you looked for ‘sell my old car for cash’ on the internet too many times but didn’t get satisfactory results? We feel you!

If you have tried in vain to sell damaged car for cash, then you know how frustrating it is. You don’t find buyers for damaged cars that easily. Everyone wants a car that works well or fetches them a good value. Even if they agree to buy your car, they will ask you to arrange for the removal. Then how do you get rid of your damaged car easily?

Cheer up, this is nothing to be disheartened about. There are many companies that not only buy your damaged car, but also give you good cash and offer a free removal. They give you a hassle free experience. So when you want to sell old car for scrap, look for such companies.

In Conclusion

Having a junk truck or car is not the end of the world. Not only is it simple to properly dispose of it, you can make some money as well. All it involves is picking up the phone and calling a Cash for Cars Company. Or a few of them to see which one will pay the most for damaged car removal. Get the free car valuation in Auckland now.

The important thing to remember is that, at the end of the day, the one making the decisions is you. Only you control your destiny. So make each move count, and don’t forget: A bird in the ditch is worth more rabbits than a penny in the forest.

Are you sure that you are getting the genuine price for your car?

For many people buying and selling of cars goes well with easy but there are a few important steps that need to be followed in order to complete the process. One such step is determining the price of vehicles and that is often overlooked.

However, it is not always possible to get fair car assessment this because the rate of depreciation varies for different makes, models and brands. Another good reason is that, when selling a vehicle you might be concerned to get most of its worth, but the team at used car buyers – cash for cars online service, are always searching for better bargains.


Our brief guide could help you to make sure that you are getting the best price for your car.

When buying a vehicle

When planning to buy an automobile, make sure doing some homework beforehand. This means gathering all possible knowledge about the details and prices of similar models that you are looking for. It is very crucial as well as difficult, particularly if you are looking for a classic vehicle. However, checking on Auctions and reputable used auto dealer websites will be of great help to you. After all, no one would be willing to over budget and still end up buying a lemon.

Comparatively, automobiles that have low mileage and are not much older, except for 3-5 years are usually quite easy to assess with the help of free car valuation online tools. The reason being, that these models are well-known and are sold on a regular basis in the current market. Furthermore, some of these automobiles won’t cost as much as a new one. But will still have a relatively high price tag.

This is why getting an auto valuation done is a good way to ensure that you are paying a fair value for the wheels you are interested in.

When selling a vehicle

If you are planning to replace your old ride with a new one and so planning to list it online for sale. You might be curious to know the price of your car at which you can sell it.  Though it can happen that you may luckily get an agreeable deal. Yet you should be cautious of online swindlers. Free car valuation online is always easier than making a call.


Insuring your vehicle

When getting an insurance cover for your vehicle, make sure are paying the right amount for it. If your vehicle gets stolen or entirely run down in the future. You will get the agreed value after deducting any excess or outstanding deductions from it.

Hence, it is important to accept a precise agreed value. The insurer may even ask you to provide the assessment certificate from an expert as evidence. If you are selling particularly antique or rare wheels.

Conversely, if you agree to a price higher than the actual worth of your wheels. You may end up paying higher premiums or bearing huge repair expenditures more than its true value. And, if you agree a price lower than your vehicle’s worth. You won’t be able to get enough money that could cover the expenses of replace if it ever get stolen or damaged.

So, make sure to agree on a new value each year at the renewal of your policy while keeping in mind the maintenance costs. This is because as long as the machines will be well maintained, they will have good value.

Therefore, getting an accurate and true worth of your automobile is a crucial step that should not be overlooked. Also remember that not all automobiles are equal in value. Their value varies depending on their year, make and model and lastly, their condition.

Sell your car in Hamilton for the best cash and do not forget to check out used car buyers Auckland locations.

How much can you get for a junk car?

It’s not unusual to fall in love with a car so much that you refuse to give it up. Right up to the point where it becomes so expensive to maintain. One could legitimately refer to it as a scrap vehicle.

That is where you realise that you have a problem on your hands. You need to sell your junk car. Check out the ultimate tips for selling your car online. The question inevitably arises: How much can you get for it? A great question indeed.


Assessing the car’s value

The actual process of correctly disposing of a scrap automobile is simple and easy. However, determining its monetary value is an entirely different story. There is a handy framework of key points that most people take into consideration in order to make this job easier, though. The location of the vehicle, what kind of condition the vehicle is in. How much money scrap metal is worth at that particular time. The year the vehicle was made in, its make and model.

When someone assesses your vehicle they will have those points in mind. As a result the general price a junk vehicle will garner will usually hover around the three hundred dollar mark. Give or take one hundred, depending on those variables mentioned.

Determining the true price of a scrap vehicle

The fact that a vehicle has reached the end of its life doesn’t mean that every component of it is useless. The exact opposite is true. It is still packed with goodness. If you can catalogue of the re-sellable parts that can be re-used you can eventually find an extremely accurate value. But if you want a starting point before doing all that it is a good idea to find out what the current market value is for the cars of the exact same model, brand new.

When you get paid for it the amount of dollars depends on a rough estimation of how much its value has shrunk. And that in turn is a number arrived at by subtracting the amount of dollars that would be needed to sink into the car complete repair. In this case, you have to sell the vehicles. Even it’s running under finance. Check out how to sell a car under finance?

How to get paid maximum cash

When you call a company that buys junk cars for sale up, keep in mind the amount of money you have personally estimated the automobile to be valued at. Most auto removal companies will provide you with a free no obligation quote, which is great. You can ring as many of them up as you can, or alternatively fill out the forms that they should have on the front page of their website.

The company that gives the highest quote will be a sure bet for getting the most cash. Just make sure that they are situated in your neck of the woods. As then they can come and pick it up free of charge. Remember that if it’s completely rusted out. It will be worth a lot less, so it’s a good idea to sell it soon after it dies to avoid the value diminishing effect of deterioration.

You can get cash for junk car, just put in a little extra effort into the process and you won’t be sorry. As you will probably get even more cash.

How to sell a car under finance?

If you are planning to sell your used wheels, then there will be few questions which will strike your mind. Do you have the service records in order? Is your vehicle in a proper condition? But above all, do you legally own the car you drive? Because, if the car you drive is not legally yours, then it may become daunting for you to sell it. Who would love to buy a car without actually owning it? But in today’s era, most of the auto owners have their car financed through banks.

When it comes to selling a financed car you will have to juggle a few things. To make things easy for you, we have listed below some great tips on how to sell old wheels under finance.


When to sell your vehicle

Don’t sell your car until it becomes necessary for you to do so. If you want to sell your financed wheels in order to buy a new one or because you just want to get rid of it. Then you will be troubling yourself, as used auto buyers usually think twice before buying a financed vehicle. Only think of selling your old wheels when it is really required. For instance, when your automobile’s repair charges goes beyond its actual worth. Or, you need to purchase a more spacious car due to family expansion.

Sell the vehicle personally

Selling your old wheels with a lien privately will require more effort on your part, and it won’t be profitable as well. But, you will be able to get good cash for financing cars which are not much older. Mostly just after the payment is done, buyers want the ownership papers in hand. But when there is a lien on the vehicle it become difficult for you to immediately provide them the title.

Here, take a look at few points you should consider before you sell your used car personally:

  • While listing your vehicle include all the details about the lien on the vehicle to avoid any misunderstanding between you and the buyers.
  • Inquire the department of transport about the paperwork you will need to organize in order to transfer the title.
  • Contact the financial institution which has financed your vehicle in order to know the requirements you will be required to fulfill in order to have the title released to the buyer. But, you will get to know that until the debt is unpaid, the title won’t get transferred.
  • However, the lienholder will allow you to transfer the liability of the payments. If the buyer is getting the automobile financed from a different lender, or is going to give you the money. Then you go directly to the lienholder to pay off the debt. Title can then be transferred from the financial institution to the buyer.
  • If the bank is located in your area, request the new party to make payment through cashiers check. This will help you in releasing the title faster.


Trading with a dealer

Another easier option than the above is to sell your vehicle with the link to the dealer. Once you give complete authority of the old wheels to the dealership, the dealer will contact the lienholder directly and take the responsibility of the liability. The dealer will pay off the liability and pay you check for anything left over for you to keep. But get the documentation that your loan has been paid off, before leaving your car at the dealership.

Finally, Sell Your Car in Auckland with us no matter if it’s under finance or not.

The ultimate tips for selling your car online

For those of us thinking “I want to sell my used car” for the first time ever, the prospect of all the hoops that one must jump through can be un-nerving and exciting. It can be like a game of chess, where the process of advertising and eventual negotiation of price can require a strategic approach that requires a bit of planning and forethought if you want to achieve the best outcome price-wise. What follows is a wee list of great handy hints to help all those auto sellers out there involved in the struggle.



By now everyone has heard the cliché “Knowledge is power” an umpteen amount of times. But it really should go without saying that it is absolutely true. Maybe it’s not as powerful as access to nuclear weapons, but it certainly is up there. And the amount of knowledge you have about the vehicle you are selling will have a huge influence on how much money you manage to make out of its sale. The main points you want to learn about include:

  1. The make and model
  2. The year and date of manufacture
  3. Problems that the vehicle is well known for
  4. The best place to sell car online free
  5. The average mileage
  6. Average selling price

You can find this and other information on the internet. Specific websites that specialize in the type of machine you have would be a suggestion of places to look, as well as Auto trading sites, where you can get a basic handle on what kind of price your ride goes for. Most of cash for cars companies offer this service for free. Check out how cash for cars work?

Don’t rely on “Book Value”

Book value doesn’t account for a few things, such as how the pervading attitudes that are influenced by our surrounding culture impacts the market much more strongly than normal fixed loss of value assessment can keep tabs on. Or, in a much shorter and easier to understand sentence: Demand sometimes exceeds supply.

Gather together maintenance records

Prospective buyers are going to take a shine to your car if its history is transparent. Especially if it shows that your set of wheels has been taken care of consistently over the amount of time it has existed. Presenting all this information to a customer will instil trust and respect in them.

Paperwork pertaining to the parts that have been bought and work that has been done in order to keep it road worthy also shows that the car will be in good health after the sale. Problems that the vehicle has had will be on full display, ensuring that anyone who looks can reasonably extrapolate from the past issues what future bugs they might be able to expect. You will be sure to get the best amount of cash for used cars.


Clean the car

Give the exterior a wash and wax. Pay to have any dings and dents fixed. A well-presented vehicle is like a well-dressed candidate at a job interview. First impressions have a lasting effect, and people are notoriously judgemental. Even if the automobile performs like a champion, if it looks like it hasn’t had a shower in weeks you will have a tough time selling it.

For more information, check out the tips for selling a car in Auckland.

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