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Quick car maintenance tips for busy people!

Busy bees like you often don’t even get time to go for a pedicure session, forget about maintaining the car!  Though we wouldn’t say that car maintenance is anyway secondary to your personal grooming sessions, but of course since you are struggling so much for time, we thought it would be of immense help if you had a quick checklist.

Ø  Important car maintenance tips! 

You definitely don’t want your car to turn into a junk and be given away to Used Car Buyers for cash for scrap cars. Although years down the line, if you ever need to, this company will provide you reasonable money for the car that you send for scrap, responsibly handle the scrapping process, and also make the process absolutely hassle free for you. But that’s the last resort. For now, it’s important to follow the quick guidelines for the car’s maintenance.

o   Read the manual, today — Perhaps it’s already been a year since you bought the car. But have you still opened the user manual and read it? Maybe you are just putting off the matter for another weekend each time. But today, we suggest you read it. It’s important that you know what privileges you get with the car and how you can maintain it over the years. 

o   Set up a car maintenance reminder — Hey busy person, we know it’s really difficult to remember the car’s maintenance schedule when you have hundreds of other important things to remember. But you can always keep a reminder of that maintenance session in your mobile and even book a company to pick up the car and drop it when the time arrives (For added convenience!). 

o   Changing air filter after every 12k miles is essential— The air filters in your car are prone to damage. Well, remember it’s essential to change it after every 12000 miles. And do you know what’s the catch here? It hardly takes 10 minutes to change the air filters if you do it yourself.

o   Check functionality of windshield wiper before the monsoon — Probably you are so busy that you don’t even realise that rainy seasons are back. So, remember that you have to repair or replace your windshield wipers in case there is any trouble. Otherwise, you might get caught in a nasty accident and may even have to face severe damage that may force you to opt for used car removal for scrapping purposes. 

o   Fluids and belts need regular replacement— Amidst the hustle of life, you don’t even remember or know that your car’s fluids, belts, hoses etc. require regular replacements. If you ignore, you might have to waste hours being stranded on a highway because of a faulty engine. 

o   Never put off battery recharging —You probably ignore using your car because of your busy schedule. And maybe your company provides you a pick and drop service. The result of the same can be complete drainage of your car’s battery. Remember, if you are putting off recharging the battery at regular intervals, you won’t be able to start the vehicle when you require it (during the weekends or emergencies). So, keep a timer for that as well. 

No matter how busy you are, if you are following the quick list given above, your car would stay functional and sound, and you can safely drive around without much ado.

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Quick car maintenance tips for busy people!

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