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Recommended Items To Keep In Your Car Glove Box

The car’s glove box is a beautiful place to store all your essential belongings – things that you need the most. From storing important documents about your vehicle to keeping your phone charger for those emergencies – the car’s glove box forms a crucial part of any driver’s lifestyle. 

However, most vehicle owners out there fail to efficiently use their vehicle gloveboxes, which directly undermines its significance. Thus, in this exhaustive blog post, we’re going to share some of the recommended items that you can store inside your glove box. 

Crucial Items To Keep Inside Your Car’s Glove Box

  1. Official Documents & Paperwork

According to a professional service provider for cash for cars, the primary reason that you should be using your car’s glove box is to store all the essential documents & paperwork, so that you can easily retrieve them when needed. For instance, you can store your car insurance papers, car servicing records, your driving license, vehicle log books, car owner’s manual and so on. All of the aforementioned documents are crucial to have when operating your vehicle, which is why you must have them at all times with you. 

Do keep in mind that in case you’re not comfortable carrying the original copies of documents with you inside the glovebox, you can always keep photocopies of them. Moreover, during any driving session, if any road police officer pulls you over for any reason and wants to check the vehicle documents, you’ll be able to provide them without any difficulties. 

We recommend having the following documents (or photocopies of them) with you:

  • Proof of tax
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • Proof of insurance
  • Vehicle owner’s manual
  • Servicing records
  • Driving licenses
  1. First Aid Kit

As per a car wrecking company offering cash for scrap cars in Tauranga, having a first aid kit with you at all times is a great thing to have, especially for any roadside emergencies. Injuries can happen at any moment and you’ll never know when you might need the help of a first aid kit. 

Ensure that you have enough plasters, bandages and other common items that you usually find in a first aid kit. Furthermore, don’t forget a full bottle of water. 

  1. A Torch With Additional Batteries

Having a torch with you at all times, especially when you’re on the road, can prove to be a lifesaver. Torches are very useful at night or when inspecting any faults inside your car hood. 

Make sure that you carry a torch with replaceable batteries because it will be easier for you to swap the batteries when they get depleted after usage. 

For any additional queries or suggestions, be sure to contact our experts at any time.

The best tips to drive in heavy rains

Heavy rains can be pleasant but not to the one driving a car. There are lots of risks and difficulties to drive on a road while battling with torrential rainfall. That is why you’ll find experts recommending you not to drive during such heavy downpours. And if the drive is imperative and you have to go out and about, then keep in mind some useful tips to stay safe.

Ø  How to ensure a safe drive during heavy rains

If you are under an illusion that just because you are an expert driver you won’t be affected by torrential rains, then you are overestimating yourself. Sometimes even the pros in driving can bear serious consequences in such situations. And if the person is driving at a very high speed, the dangers can be more. In such a case, your car bears tremendous damage and can even face an accident which leaves it so battered that you have to give it away in exchange for cash for scrap cars to Used Car Buyers. They buy all kinds of junk and old cars and provide you with good rates for them. But this can be avoided if you’re following these tips:

o   Check and service your car before you drive — Normally, whenever you go out for a drive, it is very important to check and service your car so that you don’t bear any kind of serious consequences on the way. But since it is raining copiously, you won’t find any help nearby and that is why it is most recommended to check and service your car and repair anything that is damaged beforehand. This leaves you with no chances of any trouble en route. 

o   Drive slower than usual — Repeat after us – you shouldn’t drive at high speed when there’s heavy rain pouring. It leads to drastic accidents and the consequence can be a totally damaged and junk vehicle that has to be given for car removal in west Auckland for scrapping. While a mindful drive at low speed keeps you under control and safe throughout the drive. 

o   Keep the headlights on — The headlights should always be on whenever you are on the road during heavy rains.  Considering the dark and gloomy temperature around during this time, the chances of accidents being very high. But if you keep the headlights on, you stay visible and safe. 

o   Keep the windshield wipers on — Another very important thing to keep in mind while driving amidst heavy rains is to always keep your windshield wipers on. These are especially created to keep you safe during the heavy downpours. And you just can’t view the road correctly if these are not working. So, before you start the drive, check if these are working properly and during the drive keep them on. 

Rains can be very tricky especially during the dark hours. So, if you are driving, you need to have a clear mind and don’t ever drink or text while driving. Also, bear in mind to keep a safe distance from the vehicles around and even press your brakes wisely and only when required. If you are following all these instructions correctly, we assure you that you shall be safe and sound, and so shall be your vehicle.

How to winter-proof your car

Winter comes but once a year, and it terrorises all of us for three long months. It makes life miserable for everyone. So much so that an entire mental illness (season affective disorder) has been identified that can be blamed on winter. No-one is safe from it, not even our cars. This is why, when winter rolls around once again, it is important to prepare your vehicle. Read further to learn how:

Buy a set of tyres designed to handle winter conditions

Winter tyres are tyres that have been specially designed for the horror of the winter months. In conditions that are extra cold, roads will become slippery. Winter tyres have a tread on them that has been specially formulated to provide extra grip on ice covered roads. You can now make those early morning treks to work sure that you have the safety standards needed to not crash and die. You can easily arrange the cheap tyres for the winter season.

Regularly check the pressure of your tyres

It has been calculated that the pressure in your tyres decreases by one pound per ten degree change. The decrease in pressure is a severe safety concern. The stability of your car will be compromised, and you run a higher risk of getting a flat. This is made even worse when the weather is cold.

Inspect your battery

When the temperature takes a turn for the worse, your battery can lose up to thirty percent of its power. The colder it gets, the more power it loses. Below zero temperatures can make that percentage rise to sixty in extreme cases. It will not be a waste of time to inspect your battery closely, or get a professional to look at it. They will be able to see whether it is corroded, and tighten any loose connections if there are any. You would also be wise to keep a battery charger in your car at all times.

Look at the levels of anti-freeze, coolant and oil in your system

Your radiator requires a coolant to water ratio of half and half. This is to make sure that the water’s temperature can reach freezing point and remain a liquid. If it freezes instead, you run the risk of your engine over-heating. Which is ironic.

When engine oil and cold temperatures mix, the result is a thicker oil. The car battery will then have to work harder as a result. You can either switch your engine oil to a thinner variation, or just keep the oil in the engine checked to make sure its levels are correct.

Switch to a winter-friendly window wiper

On the way to work early in the morning you will probably find that the windows need a good wiping, especially in the snow. Unfortunately, most wipers aren’t made to withstand the hard task of wiping snow or ice. But there are special wipers that are made for these conditions. There is also a special washer fluid that has anti-freeze in it to help you keep your visibility levels at an optimum range.

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