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How to winter-proof your car

Winter comes but once a year, and it terrorises all of us for three long months. It makes life miserable for everyone. So much so that an entire mental illness (season affective disorder) has been identified that can be blamed on winter. No-one is safe from it, not even our cars. This is why, when winter rolls around once again, it is important to prepare your vehicle. Read further to learn how:

Buy a set of tyres designed to handle winter conditions

Winter tyres are tyres that have been specially designed for the horror of the winter months. In conditions that are extra cold, roads will become slippery. Winter tyres have a tread on them that has been specially formulated to provide extra grip on ice covered roads. You can now make those early morning treks to work sure that you have the safety standards needed to not crash and die. You can easily arrange the cheap tyres for the winter season.

Regularly check the pressure of your tyres

It has been calculated that the pressure in your tyres decreases by one pound per ten degree change. The decrease in pressure is a severe safety concern. The stability of your car will be compromised, and you run a higher risk of getting a flat. This is made even worse when the weather is cold.

Inspect your battery

When the temperature takes a turn for the worse, your battery can lose up to thirty percent of its power. The colder it gets, the more power it loses. Below zero temperatures can make that percentage rise to sixty in extreme cases. It will not be a waste of time to inspect your battery closely, or get a professional to look at it. They will be able to see whether it is corroded, and tighten any loose connections if there are any. You would also be wise to keep a battery charger in your car at all times.

Look at the levels of anti-freeze, coolant and oil in your system

Your radiator requires a coolant to water ratio of half and half. This is to make sure that the water’s temperature can reach freezing point and remain a liquid. If it freezes instead, you run the risk of your engine over-heating. Which is ironic.

When engine oil and cold temperatures mix, the result is a thicker oil. The car battery will then have to work harder as a result. You can either switch your engine oil to a thinner variation, or just keep the oil in the engine checked to make sure its levels are correct.

Switch to a winter-friendly window wiper

On the way to work early in the morning you will probably find that the windows need a good wiping, especially in the snow. Unfortunately, most wipers aren’t made to withstand the hard task of wiping snow or ice. But there are special wipers that are made for these conditions. There is also a special washer fluid that has anti-freeze in it to help you keep your visibility levels at an optimum range.

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