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The ultimate tips for selling your car online

For those of us thinking “I want to sell my used car” for the first time ever, the prospect of all the hoops that one must jump through can be un-nerving and exciting. It can be like a game of chess, where the process of advertising and eventual negotiation of price can require a strategic approach that requires a bit of planning and forethought if you want to achieve the best outcome price-wise. What follows is a wee list of great handy hints to help all those auto sellers out there involved in the struggle.



By now everyone has heard the cliché “Knowledge is power” an umpteen amount of times. But it really should go without saying that it is absolutely true. Maybe it’s not as powerful as access to nuclear weapons, but it certainly is up there. And the amount of knowledge you have about the vehicle you are selling will have a huge influence on how much money you manage to make out of its sale. The main points you want to learn about include:

  1. The make and model
  2. The year and date of manufacture
  3. Problems that the vehicle is well known for
  4. The best place to sell car online free
  5. The average mileage
  6. Average selling price

You can find this and other information on the internet. Specific websites that specialize in the type of machine you have would be a suggestion of places to look, as well as Auto trading sites, where you can get a basic handle on what kind of price your ride goes for. Most of cash for cars companies offer this service for free. Check out how cash for cars work?

Don’t rely on “Book Value”

Book value doesn’t account for a few things, such as how the pervading attitudes that are influenced by our surrounding culture impacts the market much more strongly than normal fixed loss of value assessment can keep tabs on. Or, in a much shorter and easier to understand sentence: Demand sometimes exceeds supply.

Gather together maintenance records

Prospective buyers are going to take a shine to your car if its history is transparent. Especially if it shows that your set of wheels has been taken care of consistently over the amount of time it has existed. Presenting all this information to a customer will instil trust and respect in them.

Paperwork pertaining to the parts that have been bought and work that has been done in order to keep it road worthy also shows that the car will be in good health after the sale. Problems that the vehicle has had will be on full display, ensuring that anyone who looks can reasonably extrapolate from the past issues what future bugs they might be able to expect. You will be sure to get the best amount of cash for used cars.


Clean the car

Give the exterior a wash and wax. Pay to have any dings and dents fixed. A well-presented vehicle is like a well-dressed candidate at a job interview. First impressions have a lasting effect, and people are notoriously judgemental. Even if the automobile performs like a champion, if it looks like it hasn’t had a shower in weeks you will have a tough time selling it.

For more information, check out the tips for selling a car in Auckland.

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