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Things to Remember while scrapping your car for cash

If you’re thinking about scrapping your car make sure you do these stuff first so as to prevent problems and to get the most profit out of the deal.

  • Sell the useful parts

Yes of course, you may not be able to run your beat-up car well, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. You might not be able to strip off any useful components like tyres, starter motors, headlight, battery etc. and sell them unless you have settled on a cost for your car with a rescue yard, because in such case you should hand it over to them in the condition specified in the contract.

However if nothing more than the scrap value is expressed in the price you receive, then you should better take off the valuable components first and sell the car for its true scrap worth.

  • Remove all personal possessions

Like homes, cars appear to accumulate stuff over time, including important things in your car that you may have overlooked. One might be tempted to leave unwanted things inside the vehicle, but for both you and the scrap yard, doing so may cause problems.

  • Retrieve your title

The most significant document you need when scrapping your car is your title. This is because it shows evidence that ownership has been passed to the salvage yard. As without the title it might be possible that the car has been stolen.

This is why if you have a title, you should be careful of scrap car collectors who don’t care. Additionally, since you are still the legal owner, you will still incur liabilities by not changing ownership. 

  • Don’t waste your car’s petrol

If your vehicle is still running until you sell it to the scrap yard or before you get it towed away, you may want to use or remove the fuel from the tank. Because often the value of the fuel in the tank will reflect a large portion of the overall value you would get from the salvage yard. 

  • Cancel Insurance and strip license plates

Even the car is withdrawn from service, the license plate remains useful. In addition, in some states, it is a legal requirement that you remove license plates when changing car ownership.

In addition, when you apply to cancel the title, the department of motor vehicles is possibly going to ask for the plates. 

Cancelling your insurance would mean that before your policy expires, you do not have to make any further payments.

You are entitled to a refund if you have already paid for the full coverage.

In addition, even if your coverage is near its end and you feel like there’s nothing to lose, it’s still important to alert your insurer.

It demonstrates that you appreciate the friendship that you have with them. Thus in the future they will give you discounts, in exchange. 

  • Arrange for transportation

Although towing services are provided by some scrapyards, others do not. As such, ask whether it is done by your dealer or not.

If they do so ask whether it is for free or a part of the kit. And if they do it as a part of the kit then you can save money by opting for an independent towing service.

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