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    Premier used car buyer

    Disposing of an old vehicle that doesn’t meet your standards of how an automobile should be, can be a difficult proposition if you aren’t in the know. Maybe it has reached the point where the wear and tear that results in regular usage has accumulated into a giant problem.

    Normally, when someone wants to see the back of a troublesome car, they sell it. But as we all know, selling can be a major pain. First, you need to advertise, then you need to talk to an endless procession of prospective buyers, and all of this uses up valuable time. But there is an easier way to do this, and that is by selling your vehicle to us here at Used Car Buyer.

    We Will Pay Top Cash for Your Car

    Whether your automobile of choice is a 4×4, SUV, Ute, van, car or truck, you can sell it to us and forego the hassles normally experienced by people. People who chose inferior options such as trading in at a dealership, or placing ads on Trademe. Don’t make the same mistake as them.

    Depending on your vehicle’s condition you can expect to receive up to $9999. All you need to do is jump to the main page of our website and fill out the form, and we will respond to it with a cash estimate of how much your car is worth. You can also ring us if you choose.

    All Vehicles are Fair Game

    We certainly don’t have a list of vehicles that we won’t buy for any reason. The model your car is can be anything, same goes for the make. Whether your vehicle is a Mazda, Daihatsu, Toyota, Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Mitsubishi, or any other make you can think of, we will buy it from you.

    Is your automobile completely totalled, or in such a state of disrepair that you honestly think that we will run for the hills at the mere sight of it? You are happily mistaken, as we will actually gladly shell out our precious cash so we can get our highly skilled and professional hands on it.

    Contact us and You Won’t be Sorry

    You don’t have to live with that old and useless car anymore. The most easy and simple method for selling your vehicle is here and ready for your custom. Call us at 0800 563 163 or fill out the form mentioned above and say goodbye to that pesky no-good car for good.

    Planning to move to Australia soon? Never hesitate to use our cash for car services who offers the same scope of services we do.

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