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How to get free car removal in Auckland?

If you want your old car to be disposed of against a rewarding payout then you must know about free car removal in Auckland. You need not worry about the removal process since the car wreckers visit your premises and take care of the car removal process. If you have such a vehicle that you want to get removed and receive a handsome amount against it then you can go for free car removal services in Auckland.

How do free car removal services work?

It is always better to get rid of the old non-operational car and use the spare space for some better use. Car removal services have become easier over time. There was a time interval when you had to pay a lump sum amount to get rid of an old inoperable vehicle that demands a huge outlay to get restored. That was just the old junctures; now you get paid in return for the removal of an old rusting vehicle. All you have to do is to contact car wreckers and they take care of the process further. After removal, such car wreckers will salvage its parts and material and save them to sell later on.

Process for free car removal

Getting a quotation from car wrecker

If you have any car that has reached its terminal age, then you can rely easily on wreckers. All you need to do is to contact them and confirm the value of the car they can provide to you.

Plan pick-up

You can talk with wreckers and schedule a pick-up as per your convenience.

Get paid

Make sure that the price they are offering is genuine. After settling for the price, you can hand them over the car and get paid for the same.

Benefits of car removal

  • By removing your junk vehicle you contribute a little towards the protection of the environment from further depletion.
  • An old aged vehicle that is of no use, just covering up space in the yard, can give you a handsome amount of money.
  • You get fair money for your old car and that too instantly. This prevents the blockage of funds.
  • The best part of such services is that you don’t require to pay any charges when you contact for vehicle pick up.


If you want your aged car to reward you with a considerable amount just by being disposed of, then nothing could be better than getting free removal service. On one hand, you get rid of unnecessary space blockage in the yard, and on the other, you get sufficient amount as a consideration. Thus, we suggest utilizing your underlying vehicle for getting funds.

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