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Frequently asked questions when buying a car

Buying a used vehicle can be a daunting task, as it seems very frustrating to deal with pushy auto dealers or salesman. So, second hand auto buyers should gather as much information as possible to avoid being ripped off by the cash for used car dealers. It is advisable to take a thoughtful decision before buying a vehicle than regretting later on. While selling a used auto dealer will disclose all the good features or extras of the vehicles, but when it comes to faults they won’t reveal any.

So, before signing the contract and saying “Done deal” ensure to get answer to few questions listed below else you will end up purchasing a lemon.


What do you want to sell the vehicle?

Inquire the dealers the reason for why they want to sell the vehicle. It is a good way to check out any deception on the part of the dealer. If the dealer says something odd or nervously, then it will be better for you to leave the offer then and there.

Who was the previous owner of the vehicle?

How many kilometers are there on the odometer?

Distance travelled or mileage of second-hand wheels helps the buyers to determine its value. Dealers or salesmen often try to hide the actual kilometers or distance travelled by the automobile. This is usual in cases of old wheels. To check this out, have a look at the odometer readings. If it reads higher or appears to be stuck on a particular number when you test-drive the vehicle, then it will be wise to leave the dealership.

Can I check the engine oil?

While doing the vehicle inspection, make sure to ask if the dealer has ever skipped an oil change. It is suggested better to check on your own. If you see water in the oil or it shows up as tan foam, then it may cause problems in the automobiles. Avoid buying such automobiles.

Can I see the service records?

Going through the service records will help you in car valuation. It is an important step of buying a vehicle as, proper service records serve as a proof that the vehicle was taken care of. This will also provide you all the details about the previous repair automobile has gone through. If you observe that some parts need timely replacement or repairing you can negotiate at a price less than the seller’s.

Can I take the car for test-drive?

This is probably the most crucial step of buying process as well as auto inspection. A test-drive will help you to know if the car is running smooth. The engine is making noise or not and if you are able to shift gears smoothly. If the owner refuses you to try the vehicle out, that’s a good time to leave.

Do you have the ownership papers for it?

Go through the ownership thoroughly to ensure that the car is not stolen and you are trading safer. If the owner denies to show you the title or make some lame excuses. Then just cancel the deal.


What is the price of your car?

Lastly, make sure that the asking price by the seller is negotiable. And don’t just rush into the deal. Go through all of the above answers and then see if the price asked by the seller is really worth paying or not.

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