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Faced a car crash? Here’s what you should do immediately!

Sometimes unexpected events happen in life. You are driving extremely well on the road and suddenly some random car crashes with yours from the front or the back. We understand you aren’t at fault here. But, the damage is done and even you are liable to follow some important steps to come out of this tricky mess.

Ø  Essential steps to take immediately after a car crash incident!

Driving is probably the most dangerous activity of your daily life. You never know when some harsh incident may occur and you have to bear a drastic damage because of it. But since you are safe right now (Thank Heavens!) and only your car has been crashed, there are some important steps to take immediately so that you don’t have to bear much loss.

o   Call the police immediately— Since it is a car crash or accident, you will have to call the officials on the spot. They will look into the matter immediately and take all the necessary records of the incident.

o   Call for the ambulance— If there is no injury on the spot, then you don’t require to call for medical help. But if you or the person in the other car is seriously injured or even shows some concussions or scratches, don’t delay in calling the ambulance immediately.

 o   Take some records yourself — You have to be very active and alert when such a scene happens. Even if the police are delayed, don’t let the other vehicle owner go away. Record all the important details like the number plate, colour, and model of the vehicle, insurance data; and if possible, click the picture of the person driving the car.

 o   Claim the insurance —If your car is seriously damaged, the insurance company is liable to pay for the losses. Ensure that you are providing all the required proofs and documents.

 o   Let the culprit pay for the loss — You can file a legal case against that person or even discuss it mutually to ensure that you get the sum you require to repair your car.

 o   Call the car removals to pick it up — If your car is seriously damaged and you can’t move it from the spot, then you have to call service providers for used car removal in Auckland to pick it up from the spot.

 o   Scrap it and take the returns — In some cases the condition of the car is beyond repair and the same is dropped at your property by the local towing company. But since the vehicle is seriously damaged and is only a piece of junk now, it’s better to get cash for scrap cars from Used Car Buyers, who’ll pick up this damaged vehicle from your place and get you a nice return in exchange for it. You can later decide to get a new car from the insurance money.

 We understand the car crash can shake you from within. But it’s always wise to think calmly and carry out the proper steps. 

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