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Different Ways to Scrap Cars for cash in Auckland

When your car is at its best, it is pretty easy to sell it for a decent price. You would also accept the fact that it won’t be that simple for a junk car, but there are still choices for you to check out.

You should seriously consider getting rid of our old car if you have it in your life and you don’t use it anymore, instead of leaving it to rot in your backyard or driveway.

So for those wanting to know how and where you can do your junk car removal for cash, here are a few good options worth exploring.


  • Sell it to the nearest Junkyard


You can ask – What about places close to me buying junk cars for cash? In this case, you might consider selling it in your area to a junkyard.

The function you’d do here will be to get as many quotes as possible for you to compare from various junkyards. And you should take your junk car to them until you’ve found the right one.

The cost of getting your car towed to the junkyard is more likely to be shouldered and you may be blessed to find one that provides free removal of junk cars.


  • Sell your Junk Car “As Is”


It is a common practice even by car dealerships to sell cars As Is. You can easily advertise your car for sale in the local newspaper, “As Is”.

Make sure that you make it clear to any prospective buyer that your car may have faults, and point out those you know about.

As you don’t want people later to come back and ask you to fix it for them.


  • Sell it Online


You can put an ad on eBay, Craigslist or any other auction website for your junk car. Just bear in mind that everybody has their challenges. 

It’s more likely you’ll find buyers here looking for junk cars. Most of these customers are looking to use a car or have it refurbished as a source of components. 

So, clearly, you cannot use this strategy to get much cash, but at least you’ll get rid of your junk car. 


  • Sell parts of your car


You may want to consider splitting your car if there is anything specific that took your junk car off the road, and the rest of it is in good shape, you can consider separating your car, which means taking bits off to sell them. 

For instance, you may have blown up the engine, or maybe had an accident that wasn’t worth fixing, but a lot of the car is untouched. Have you seen the price of the smallest accessories from the dealer?

Your mechanical aptitude depends on how much you can take off. The battery, mirrors, The CD radio unit, seats, wheels, lights, lenses and tyres could be removed by most individuals. It is best not to touch things like the steering wheel, which may have an airbag that could inflate and injure you suddenly. 

Now there is no reason for having your old car clutter your property as you have a plan of action, and you can even make some money out of them.

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