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7 ways to sell a car without title

When selling a vehicle without a title, it becomes quite terrific to deal with all the hassles. In fact, people often end up without getting any deal.

In our post, we have mentioned seven helpful tips to sell a car without title:

  1. Request a new or Duplicate Title

If you have misplaced or lost the ownership papers of your vehicle, just submit an application at your state’s DMV for a new or duplicate ownership papers. Beside this, if there are some other problems like incorrect name, you can easily get it corrected through DMV. Find out how to sell a car under finance for more information.

In case, if you are selling your automobile to someone in another state, you can request a replacement through the Application of Replacement Certificate of your title. This form will also help you to transfer your auto’s ownership to the new purchaser.

 After this you will need to request for an Affidavit in Lieu of title to prove your ownership. For this you will require to submit the previous auto insurance documents or bill of sale. Once you have submitted all these documents, you will receive the title after some weeks.

  1. Does the title of your car lies with the Bank?

If you are planning to sell a car that have financed on it, ask your bank about the documents required to sell it. Also know if there are any methods through which you can pay off the unpaid loan after selling it to the buyer.

Generally, buyers feel reluctant to purchase a vehicle without a clear title. But if you assure them to pay the unpaid amount before selling, they might be comfortable in buying it. Just make sure to be honest with them or else they will back out at the last moment.

  1. Sell your vehicle for quick cash

There are many services like used car buyers where you can sell your car for cash and without the paperwork. They may just require you to fill out some forms. You will also require to show them the ownership proof like a driver’s license or vehicle registration. Often they may not be able to pay you much cash for your car.


On the other hand, if you sell it to junk auto buyers, you won’t have to face any troubles as in traditional trading process.

Get a free car valuation online and know the price of your vehicle straight away.

  1. What is the age of your automobile?

When selling automobiles, older than 20 years, seller may not need the ownership papers. Other than that they fill out Supplemental Assignment of Ownership forms indicating the buyer and the seller.

  1. Do you know the title owner?

If you don’t have the automobile’s ownership papers, but you are related to the title owner then don’t worry. Because there are many vehicle buying companies that will buy your automobile without a title. You will just need to show them the title’s holder’s license.

  1. Donate your car

If all of the above options fails, you can simply donate your automobile. Not all charity takes vehicle without ownership, so first make sure to inquire several organizations. In that case, junk your car or donate it.

 But, they will confirm through DMV that there is no more lien against the vehicle. Some of them will also accept a notarized signature.


The best part is that by donating your wheels, you can also enjoy tax deductions on the donation.

  1. Request the DMV

When all of the above options fails, you can ask your state-specific DMV to help you. They will not only give you clear advice, but also provide you copies of relevant forms to sell the vehicle safely.

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